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Do not sleep on Nick Diaz; Why he will upset Anderson Silva at UFC 183

Posted on: Jan 30 2015 - 12:22pm | #0
Dwayne Wolff

  I know this is supposed to be all about Anderson Silva’s return to the octagon at UFC 183 but Nick Diaz is poised to score the big upset. At first I thought that it was my heart leading my gut because I would like nothing more than for Diaz to win and upset the UFC’s plans. When I started to look at this fight closer there are ways for Diaz to win. In fact the more I looked the more I like the feeling in my gut that is telling me he is going to win. Yes, I just might be the lunatic you’re looking for Logically it does not quite add up but that is the beauty of a fight it is not about logic but dealing with the chaos of the actual fight in the moment. When you look at it on paper and by reputation the fight is slanted...


New England MMA Storyteller: Chuck O’Neil

As AXS tv shines its light on New England MMA this Friday, the nation will be introduced to a new cast of characters within our sport, but also reintroduced to some old faces. The world-at-large first saw Chuck O’Neil on the set of The Ultimate Fighter and will see how far the young man has come since the cameras shut off, defending the CES Welterweight...

Posted on: Jan 29 2015 - 7:12pm | #0
In: AXS TV Fights, CES, Featured, MMA
Mike Hammersmith
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Accepting Lesnar-Reigns and the mad genius of Paul Heyman

Leave it to Paul Heyman to subdue the intense anger of the WWE universe following another predictable and uneventful Royal Rumble. A...


Arnold Schwarzenegger to be inducted into celebrity wing of WWE HOF

“Terminator. Governator. And now – WWE Hall of Famer.” As noted earlier, WWE made the announcement that Arnold...

UFC 183 Embedded Episode 1: Paintball with the Silva’s


For the most part, episode 1 of UFC ‘Embedded’ ahead of UFC 183 is a family affair. We get to spend some quality time with Anderson Silva, his sons, and his team as they partake in the former middleweight champs favorite pastime – paintball. We also join former women’s bantamweight #1 contender Sara McMann as she trains alone. She also get some help packing for...



UFC 183 Embedded Episode 2: Diaz Arrives

On episode #2 of UFC 183 Embedded, headliner Anderson Silva endures airplane mechanical issues as he makes his way from LA...