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2015 PW Awards

2015 PW Awards: Tag Team of the Year ‘New Day Rocks’



For the third time in three years, we’ve decided to go ahead and hand out some awards. Throughout the next week, our incomparable 12-person panel will pull together to hand out the all important hardware after another rowdy year of ups and downs in the wild world of professional wrestling. Once again, we begin with the tag team of the year award and this year it’s all about the power of positivity.


Your 2015 Tag Team of the Year: Kofi, Big E, Xavier & Francesca

“Don’t you dare be sour! In reality, we should be kind of sour. The New Day did not receive the Slammy Award for Tag Team of the Year, which is next-level insanity. This entire year-end piece could be made up of New Day categories – Best Woods’ Hairstyle, Best Use of a Trombone, and so on. This group carried episodes of RAW during some dark times. They’ve opened shows, closed them, and even danced with Triple H. The New Day made a WWE Shop commercial that was enjoyable. They schooled us on Hip Hop, NFL injuries, and everything else that is booty. Ladies and Gentlemen, if The New Day is not the Tag Team of the Year, there should not be awards.” – Matt Addie

“If you chose any tag team other than The New Day, then your opinion is absolutely wrong. No other male tag team in the history of wrestling could get away with unicorn garments and video game promos. I’m very partial to heels, and I tune in every week just to watch The New Day call the home crowd’s favorite sports heroes “booty.” We’re living in a world where beer drinking, middle finger flashing and swearing is hardly allowed on TV anymore. The New Day has found a way to keep it PG while perfecting the art of trolling all the same. And don’t forget that New Day Rocks.” – Alex Reno

“Hands down, The New Day is the tag team of the year and when you consider where the gimmick started, and where it is now, it’s quite a feat for this trio. Originally a lame gimmick that was getting booed out of the building as a tacky baby face act, these three because one of the most entertaining acts on WWE programming on the show. Bottom line, these guys took what they were given and made the best of it. It’s a combination of Xavier ranting at ringside, Big E.’s promos and athletic ability, and Kofi compliments the team well.” – Jim LaMotta

“Without a doubt, The New Day have arguably been the most enjoyable segment of Monday Night Raw, week in and week out. It’s a huge bummer that Tyson Kidd was injured just as the team of Kidd and Cesaro were really starting to hit their stride. Aside from the Lucha Dragons, The New Day haven’t had much in terms of competition, but that hasn’t stopped them from being entertaining both in the ring and on the mic. The chemistry between Kofi, Big E, and Woods is clearly something that goes beyond what we get to see on television, and maybe that is why it leaps off the screen every week. From trombones to unicorns, The New Day has played a big part in making the tag team division in WWE something worth watching.” – Ryan Mathews

“Winners by a long way, took a gimmick that everyone thought was abysmal and have turned themselves into a must see act.” – Stephen Gutteridge

“If you haven’t already, please watch Table for 3 with The New Day on the WWE Network. Not only is it hilarious (as is everything Kofi, E and Xavier do together) it shows us just how much fun these guys and how much work they’ve put in to build a shtick that was really supposed to fail. No matter how bad RAW or Smackdown can be from a creative standpoint, you can always count on The New Day to give us the perfect combo of wrestling and entertainment week in and week out.” – Dave Reno


Runner Up: The Kingdom

“What are we talking about with this category? Is it most entertaining? It’s a no-brainer… the New Day runs away with it. As they were handed a shit character and turned it into the best thing on WWE. BUT, if we’re talking about the team that had the best matches and who had the best year? Then my pick is The Kingdom. In 2015, they captured their first NJPW Tag Team championships by defeating the NJPW juggernauts, The Bullet Club, and then they returned home to capture their first ever ROH World Tag Team Championships. Then, to finish out the year, it looks like half of the Kingdom is going to be off to much bigger things as it’s being reported that Bennett and Maria have signed to a bigger promotion.” – Chris Langevin


Honorable Mention: Tyson Kidd (R) & Cesaro (L)

“Though I am partial to both Enzo & Big Cass and The Kingdom as a fan, I’m going to have to say that the best all-around tag team this year is Tyson Kidd & Cesaro. While they were not a tag team for nearly long enough, they were incredibly successful. As a team, they managed to connect with the fans in a way neither of them had achieved as singles competitors up to the point. They were fun to watch, they taught each other, and helped one another work outside of their comfort zones. The New Day may be super over for their mic work, but no tag team this year could touch Kidd & Cesaro in the ring.” – Lady J

image credits – Rolling Stone/WWE

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