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205 Live Episode #24 Rewind



Jack Gallagher enters the ring. He says TJP jumped him the previous night on Raw and applied the kneebar submission.It would have been a disaster if Austin Aries hadn’t come to his aid. He calls Aries to the ring. Gallagher expresses his gratitude towards Aries. Aries says TJP had it coming since he did the same thing to him. Gallagher says Aries has been fighting Neville and TJP alone for too long. He adds he’s going to make sure Aries makes it to Extreme Rules healthy. Gallagher brings out two beers and toasts Aries. Before he can finish the toast, Neville shows up. Neville says this is pathetic.

He tells Gallagher he is a parody of an Englishman; but as he looks at the cretins in the crowd, Neville realizes Gallagher is just a symptom of a bigger problem. England has become a parody of itself and it’s disgusting. Neville asks them if they’ve lost their dignity. Aries interrupts Nevill to tell him he of al people should not question anyone about their dignity. He says Neville got himself intentionally disqualified to hold on to his title. Aries says he doesn’t think the people in the crowd happen to be a problem. Aries says he likes England. Neville tells him no one asked for his opinion. Neville says Aries has had two opportunities at his crown but he stands before him as the king of the Cruiserweight. Neville says if Aries is so desperate to toast, here’s to him and his last appearance on 205 Live. As he says this, he raises the title above his head. After he’s finished talking, TJP attacks Aries and Gallagher from behind. Neville joins the assault. Gallagher and Aries fight back. Gallagher hits TJP with a headbutt. Neville doubles over Gallagher. Aries hits the Discus Fivearm on Neville. Gallagher brings back the two beers in the ring. He and Aries toast.

Backstage, Noam Dar and Alicia Fox confront Rich Swann. Swann says after everything Dar is still with Fox. He says he thinks Dar is thinking with the wrong part of his body. Fox says it’s obvious Swann’s evil revenge plan didn’t work. Dar tells Swann he should be ashamed for trying to break up their relationship. Swann has made Fox think Dar didn’t care about her because he’s not the one who sent those gifts. Dar says Swann has pulled the wool over her eyes and made her make a rash decision. Fox says it’s not like she really left Dar. She says she threw Cedric Alexander to the curb. She would never do that with a real man like Dar. Swann says he’s really happy for them. They really do deserve each other. Swann turns around to walk away but Dar grabs him by the arm. Dar says Swann is right. They do deserve each other; and they haven’t forgotten what Swann tried to do to us. Swann’d better believe he’s going to get what he deserves too.

Mustafa Ali def. Tony Nese via Pinfall

Backstage, Arya Daivari berates an employee because he hasn’t shined his boots correctly. Daivari says the boots cost more than the employee’s house. He adds he’s not going to pay him a dime. Daivari walks away and Tozawa runs into him. Daivari asks why Tozawa isn’t watching where he’s going. He say that his shirt costs $1500. The silk comes from Dubai and he doesn’t want Tozawa’s sweat all over it. Tozawa chants “Ah” until Daivari walks away.

Akira Tozawa def. The Brian Kendrick via Pinfall

Kendrick attacks Tozawa after the match. He sends Tozawa into the steel steps multiple times. He then puts Tozawa’s head between two steps. He walks away and the referee is able to get Tozawa’s head out. The Brian Kendrick comes back with a microphone. He says this is the final lesson he is going to give Tozawa: never mess with The Brian Kendrick.

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