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Alberto Del Rio heading back to Mexico City for post WWE debut



According to extremely active tweeter, and AAA announcer, Arturo Rivera, recently fired former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio will be appearing at this Sundays Triplemania XXII event in Mexico City. Del Rio, the son of famous Mexican Luchador Dos Caras, made his pro wrestling debut under the name of Dos Caros Jr. for AAA back in 2000.

Del Rio was fired by the WWE late last week after slapping social media manager Cody Barbierri. Barbierri allegedly made a racist remark about the pro wrestler when someone asked him to wipe his plate after a meal provided by WWE catering.

According to witnesses, in an attempt to be humorous, Barbierri said that it was Del Rio’s job to clean his plate. Once word got back to Del Rio, he did not take to kindly to the joke. After confronting Barbierri and giving him the opportunity to apologize, the WWE social media manager would do nothing of the sort. Instead, he would smirk at Del Rio, and was gifted with a smack in return.

Del Rio will join Jeff Jarrett and Sin Cara (as Myzteziz) among many other Lucha Libre stars on the biggest AAA card of the year this Sunday night. If you’re interested, it can be purchased for just $15 on iPPV over at this website.