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Awkward Reunions if WWE Buys TNA



With TNA officially up for sale, Vince McMahon strutted into the conversation and reportedly made an offer to purchase the company. The offer is being reported as “low,” furthering speculation that Vince simply wants the tape library that TNA holds. The library would be quite valuable to WWE, as the Network could gain years of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and others. While we won’t be seeing a TNA invasion angle on WWE programming, there are some interesting talents that could make their way onto one of WWE’s 100 weekly television shows.  If Vince McMahon defeats Billy Corgan (I just typed that…), they’ll give the roster a once-over, and probably bring a few men and women in. Among the more awkward decisions will be on TNA performers recently departed from WWE; stars venturing out their own, only for their new company to get purchased by their old company.  Could any of these divorces end up in a happy reconciliation?

Aron Rex:  The Artist Formerly Known as Sandow finds himself in an unfortunate situation; he hasn’t had time away from WWE to show his former employer what they’re missing. If he were to make a quick return to the company, he’d probably be dressing up as Dixie Carter in a popcorn comedy angle on Smackdown Live. Chances are, he’d take some time off, even if he’s offered new employment with WWE.

James Storm:  They flirted, and he got back together with his ex. No hard feelings were reported, so we would most likely see James in NXT the week after the sale.

Jeff & Matt Hardy:  When do we start? Just bring Senor Benjamin along for the ride, please.

Drew Galloway:  Unlike Rex/Sandow, Galloway has had plenty of time to prove why he belongs in WWE. He could instantly matter on either of WWE’s flagship shows, so this should be the first ink on WWE’s stack of new talent contracts. Also, remember his awesome WWE theme music?

Cody Rhodes:  Oh boy. Awkward. They left on fairly decent terms, so there isn’t any TMZ-level drama here, but it’s just a weird situation. As of this writing, Cody has not had his debut match in TNA yet. His wife, Brandi (Eden), hasn’t either. His bucket-list of dream matches barely has a dent. Chances are, he’d continue his barnstorming independent tour, and tell Vince to call him in a year. He belongs in WWE if he wants to be there.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Carlo

    September 30, 2016 at 8:35 pm

    None lf them are contracted to TNA. They are on PPA Contracts, therefore they won’t be part of a deal. Abyss is the only one who is contracted. Why is this so hard for people to understand?

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