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The Best Online Boxing Games



While there haven’t been many new releases of online boxing games, we looked at which games are still punching and drawing crowds in the online ring. Today’s games are a big step up from the days of putting on the Nintendo Power Glove and stepping into the ring for Mike Tyson Punch Out. The graphics and AI have improved so much over the years; it almost feels like you’re in the ring. If you’re looking to win money with boxing, but don’t really want to step into the ring, you can try your luck with the Rocky online slot game.

In addition to the advanced graphics, the best thing that the newer boxing games offer is the chance to play against opponents anywhere in the world. We took a look at what’s available and we broke it down into the best option for Video game system, Mobile and PC boxing options.

Fight Night ChampionFight Night is available for PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s the latest addition to the Fight Night series, and it’s by far the best. The game includes a story mode, where you follow the career of Andre Bishop who has to overcome his demons to make it to the title round.

There are online world championships, gyms and rivalry fights that are available to players through the XBOX Live and PSN.

Punch Out – Punch Out is available on Android, Apple and Microsoft phones and is not the traditional boxing game. You become the manager of a boxer who is searching for the man who killed his father/trainer. There are different missions that the player has to go through which will improve his boxing skills.

Boxing Duel – Boxing Duel is a browser based boxing game that allows you to build up your skill set and fight your way to the belt. With great gameplay graphics and a growing community of over 10,000 fighters, Boxing Duel will keep you busy for a long time.