BOSJ 24 Night One Results (5.17.17)

Match 1 – A Block: TAKA defeats Juhsin Thunder Liger via pinfall (Heavy Killer #1)

Match 2 – B Block: Volador Jr. defats Tiger Mask IV via pinfall (Spanish Fly off the top rope)

Match 3 – A Block: Ricochet defeats Taichi via pinfall (Shooting Star Press)

Match 4 – B Block: ACH defeats BUSHI via pinfall (Midnight Driver)


Match 5 – B Block: El Desperado defeats KUSHIDA via pinfall (Guitarra de Angel)

Match 6 – A Block: Marty Scurll defeats Will Ospreay via submission (Crossface Chicken Wing)

Match 7 – B Block: Ryusuke Taguchi defeats Yoshinobu Kanemaru via pinfall (small package)

Match 8 – A Block: Dragon Lee defeats Hiromu Takahashi via pinfall (Phoenix Plex)

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