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Brian Boyle is having a rough weekend



Following a 5-2 drubbing via the hands of the New York Rangers, veteran Vancouver D-Man Kevin Bieksa decided he’d get the last laugh by beating up their proverbial punching bag Brian Boyle.

This would be the second night in a row that Boyle would find himself on the wrong end of a scrap. Just 24 hours or so ago in Boston, Boyle would succumb to the power of 6 foot 9 in heavyweight Zdeno Chára.

To add insult to injury, Bieksa would punt Boyle’s helmet before he was ushered into the locker room. Check out the video evidence below via The Nosebleeds.

FYI: The next time the Canucks and Rangers meet will on April 1st of 2014. You’d be a fool not to tune in.

via Hockey Fights

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