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Bully Ray: ‘As of right now I am in Ring of Honor’



If you’re a wrestling fan, us saying that Manhattan was the place to be last night would be the understatement of the year. 

Aside from delivering the fans an already fantastic card as scheduled, ROH had a couple of major surprises in store for their faithful fans inside of Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom. Earlier tonight, we told you about The Hardy Boyz showing up to delete the Young Bucks. But the fun didn’t stop there. 

Following Adam Cole’s successful main event title defense against Bobby Fish, Cole and The Bullet Club pounded on Fish until a former 18-time WWE title holder showed up to make the save.

Bully Ray, another disgruntled former TNA employee, went on to put Cole through a table and before addressing the sold out crowd.

As “F**k TNA” chants erupted throughout the Ballroom, Bully asked the crowd whether or not they thought he should wrestle for ROH. Bully would then call for ROH “head honcho” Joe Koff, asking him if he knew who he was. Bully would answer his own question, “I am Bully Ray, and as of right now, I am in Ring of Honor.”

Here’s Bully’s full speech transcribed:

“I’m almost at a little bit of a loss for words right now as I truly am a little bit emotional.”

Crowd chants “Bubba Ray”

“Not only is this building very special to me..

Crowd chants “ECW”

“..but this city is very special to me. And I don’t know if you guys know – but this is where I’m from.

Crowd chants “Welcome home”

“You know, last week on Twitter, Matt Hardy said it was going to be a very interesting week in the wrestling business. But I think this has been a pretty interesting night hasn’t it? For the past couple of months I’ve been kinda sitting at home with a couple of different offers that came my way.

Crowd chants “F**k TNA”

“That’s the reason I didn’t take their offer.

Crowd erupts

“There was another offer on the table. And then, there was a Ring of Honor on the table. I gotta tell you guys something. For 15 years I have really enjoyed Ring of Honor because Ring of Honor reminds me of a company that is very special to you and is very special to me.

Crowd chants “ECW” again

“That company had so much passion; the wrestlers had so much passion; the fans had so much passion. And the only company that has been able to catch that lightning in a bottle has been Ring of Honor.

Crowd chants “ROH”

“But I had never been to Ring of Honor show, so I figured, what better night than tonight, right here in my hometown and I wanted to check it out. And just as a reminder, you don’t pull a table in New York City unless you’re Dudley or in Team 3D.

“If I were to come to Ring of Honor, I wouldn’t come here because I wanted to be a tag team champion, I wouldn’t come here because I wanted to be the World Heavyweight Champion. I wouldn’t come here because I want to be one of those veterans who just steals money from a wrestling company. I wouldn’t come here because I was gonna try to take one of your spots or any of the other wrestlers spots. I wouldn’t come here as a guy that’s been in the business just to tell you guys what to do. If I come to Ring of Honor, it’s because I genuinely want to. When I retire, I want to be able to say that I fought for Ring of Honor. So what do you guys think?

Crowd approves

“You think this is a good idea? You think this will work? Is Joe Koff here? Joe Koff, the head honcho, where are you? Joe Koff, is he around? I know he’s somewhere.

Crowd chants “Where is Joe?”

“Well, if Joe Koff is here – I just wanna ask him one question. Do you know who I am? I’m Bully Ray. And as of right now I’m in Ring of Honor.”

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