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Canelo stops Angulo with a brilliant uppercut (video highlights)



There was a big fight feeling in the air last night along the world famous Las Vegas strip. It was time for Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez to make his return to the ring after dropping the first fight of his career, a majority decision loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. last September, to take on fellow Mexican Alfredo ‘El Perro’ Angulo. Canelo wanted to make a statement in this one. He wanted to show the world that he’s ready to get back in there with Mayweather sooner rather than later. He did just that.

Referee Tony Weeks made a controversial stoppage to the contest in favor of Canelo at the 2:13 marker in the 10th round of the contest. If you saw nothing but the highlight of the stoppage then you may feel it was unjust. If you look at the stats and see that Canelo landed at an alarmingly accurate 58% clip hitting Angulo with 298 of his 513 attempted punches, while Angulo hit Canelo with just 104 out of 770 landing at just a 14% rate, then you start to understand just part of the reason why the veteran Weeks made the stoppage. Folks, this was a beatdown. Plain and simple. Canelo came out aggressive from the starting bell and made a statement by using Angulo’s face and body to show the world that he is clearly, pound for pound, the best boxer out of Mexico today.

The uppercut that finally forced Tony Weeks to call off the fight was a thing of beauty. We heard Virgil Hunter, Angulo’s trainer, tell him heading into the 10th round that he’d stop the fight if nothing changed. Weeks did it for him. After multiple feints, a fresh Canelo loaded up on a left handed uppercut that would’ve knocked down 98 percent of the men that walk this planet. Canelo used the MGM Grand Garden Arena as his own personal playground last night to remind everyone why he’s still the man to end King Mayweather’s reign as the top dog in the fight game. If he keeps putting on performances like this, you cannot deny the young 23-year-old champion another shot.

Feel free to enjoy just some of Canelo’s handiwork in this highlight package from last night below.

stats via Showtime – cover image via Getty

The uppercut that stopped the fight via ZombieProphet: