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‘Canelo vs. GGG’ live play-by-play



This is the fight that boxing fans have been pining for. IBA, WBA and WBC Middlweight Champion and The Ring #2 P4P ranked fighter in the world, Gennady Golovkin (37-0, 33 KOs), will put perfection on the line against the #7 ranked P4P ranked fighter in the world, Ring Middleweight and WBO Jr. Middleweight Champion Canelo Alvarez.

It’s time to dig right into the live action straight from the fight capital of the world. Join as at just before 11 p.m. ET to keep up with our live play-by-play of this middleweight unification event.

We get the Kazakhstan, Mexican and United States anthems to kick off the festivities.

Seven Nation Army hits the loud speakers which means GGG is set to enter the ring. Gennady, sporting the Grant gloves, pumps his fist toward the crowd and they erupt. Canelo walks out sporting a Mexico jersey.

Michael Buffer has made his introductions and we are ready for the opening round. Referee Kenny Bayless will be the third man in the ring.

Round 1: Bayless reiterates the rules he went over in the dressing room before the fighters touch gloves. GGG looks to establish the jab early. The crowd is chanting ‘GGG’. GGG pawing at the body now. He’s controlling the ring. Nothing has landed from either man. Canelo hits a quick jab as we head toward the two minute marker. Another jab from Canelo and GGG shakes his head. Canelo has more pop in his punches early. Not a whole lot of action in the first, more of a feeling out process. The unofficial Fight Booth scorecard reads 10-9 Canelo.

Round 2: Canelo is the first to go for a clinch just over 30 seconds into the 2nd. Again, not a whole lot landing here but it’s Canelo with more pop in his punches. Canelo’s head movement is on point. GGG continues to paw with his left to establish distance. He’s either biding his time  or he’s yet to figure out the Mexican fighter. This round goes to Canelo. 20-18 after 2. A left hook to the liver from Canelo is shown on the replay as the most effective punch of the round. 

Round 3: Golovkin comes out hot in the 3rd but Canelo is quick to answer. Canelo establishes the center of the ring. GGG cannot penetrate Canelo’s guard here. Nice right hook by Canelo lands. GGG hits a right jab. Under a minute left and Canelo lands another left to the body. GGG turns it up with under 30 left in the round but lands nothing of significance on Canelo. 30-27 Canelo after 3.

Round 4: Canelo’s left jab continues to land and the uppercut is open all day if he wants it but patience is key. GGG touching Canelo with the right now against the ropes. Canelo is urging GGG to open up but he refuses to. GGG has never given any of his previous opponents this kind of respect. Lots of movement from Canelo against a very stiff Golovkin. It’s 40-36 Canelo on our unofficial scorecard. 

Round 5: GGG is throwing but he simply cannot land. Canelo is the younger, fresher fighter. You still cannot sleep on GGG’s power. He finally lands a huge shot and Canelo shakes his head. Did it stun him or is he trying to play mind games? GGG lands big overhand right and Canelo fires back! Now we’re getting the fight we’ve been promised. GGG finally takes a round on our scorecard. 49-46 after 5.

Round 6: GGG lands early against the ropes on Canelo. The fight moves to the center and Canelo lands to the body. Canelo clinches and tries some funny stuff on his opponent. A little behind the back action on GGG that Bayless catches and tells the fighters to touch them up again before we restart. Both fighters still look fresh as we close out the 6th. The crowd chants GGG as he takes another close round. 58-56 after 6. Canelo’s corner tells him to stop clowning in between rounds.

Round 7: This is another GGG round. He’s backing Canelo against the ropes as it appears that the Mexican fighter may be taking a round off. This isn’t the showboating Canelo we saw a couple of rounds ago. Who would’ve thought GGG would be the one coming into this with an actual gameplan to preserve energy into the later rounds. 67-66 Canelo after 7. 

Round 8: Canelo is landing some fire here early in the 8th the head and the body. Maybe taking round 7 off was a good idea. The fighters are touching heads now and going toe-to-toe. Left upper cut from Gennady lands. Canelo continues to back away. Huge right uppercut from Canelo lands. GGG finishes strong just like Abel Sanchez told him to after the 7th. We are even after 8th on our unofficial score card at 76-76. 

Round 9: Canelo works the right side of the body but Golovkin fires back and stuns his opponent. His power may just be too much for the proud Mexican warrior. GGG has Canelo against the ropes again and Canelo lands a huge right. GGG still marching forward. Nice left from Canelo. GGG pops off with a combo that features another uppecut. Canelo hits a combo punctuated by a slick right hand. Tough round to score here. Very tough round to score. This may end up being the deciding round if we go the distance. We’ll give it to GGG. 86-85 after 9.

Round 10: Wow. Canelo comes out and starts throwing with some authority. GGG is game. Canelo slows down after a minute of pure fury. GGG backs him up again. Canelo goes into defensive mode. We start seeing more clinching in this round than we’ve seen prior. Canelo is definitely slowing down here. Gennady closes out the round strong. 96-94 GGG after 10. What a fight.

Round 11: Canelo backs up and lands a stellar right hand. Canelo goes back to the body. Something that neither man has done enough of in this fight. Wow, big right from Canelo . Over a half-minute into the round. GGG lands a right with Canelo against the ropes again. Another big fight from Golovkin that lands clean. Just win it looks like Canelo may get back into the fight, GGG fires back. 106-103 GGG after 11. Time for the 12th and final round.

Round 12: We get a glove touch, a hug and we go to war. Both men are going all out in the opening minute. Canelo is landing the heavier shots with some beautiful combos. GGG fires back and Canelo begins to clinch. One minute remains. GGG lands a nice left behind the ear. Canelo is fading. Both men go out swinging. Can we please get 12 more rounds in 2018?

The Fight Booth unofficial scorecards reads 116-112 for Gennady Golovkin. We await the official scorecards.

Gennady Golovkin (37-0-1, 33 KOs) and Canelo Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 KOs) fight to a 12 round draw (118-110 for Canelo, 115-113 for GGG, 114-114)

Our Take: Surprise, surprise, Adalaide Byrd is the judge who scored the fight 118-110 for Canelo. This is great for boxing because we’ll get an immediate rematch. It also continues to show us how big of a joke judging is in this beautiful sport. Mixed feelings here as I’m sure there is all over the world. A rematch will be exciting, but the scoring continues to be a problem. Trust is out the window. And it’s neither fighter’s fault. Congrats to both men. 

image credit @HBOBoxing

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