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Cesaro: Paul Heyman Guy



“I’m not a Zeb Colter guy, I’m a Paul Heyman guy!”

raw-040714-heyman2Find me a wrestling fan who did not enjoy that moment. Cesaro declaring himself a Paul Heyman guy was probably the biggest mark-out event on the RAW after Mania. Check Twitter timelines around that hour in the show and you’ll find a sea of caps locked profanity in amazement of what just went down. CESARO IS A PAUL HEYMAN GUY!!! HEYMAN!!!! HOLY $@#^&!!! It was somewhat predictable after his Wrestlemania moment that Cesaro was in line for something big on the following RAW, but Paul Heyman was never part of those predictions. It was masterful booking by WWE. That moment should be on a poster encouraging us to expect the unexpected in professional wrestling. Now that the “King of Swing” is aligned with one of the greatest managers of all-time, where is the first stop on their journey into stardom? Jack Swagger will temporarily stand in the way, but that shouldn’t take long; he’s onto bigger and better things. After Cesaro inevitably silences Swagger and Zeb Colter, where should his eyes be set?

Chasing Big E for the Intercontinental Championship would be an easy and obvious choice. It’s clear that Big E has fallen out of favor, so WWE is probably looking for a way to get the belt away from him. Sometimes the title makes the man, and other times the man makes the title. Cesaro would make the Intercontinental Championship. Heyman’s previous client, Curtis Axel, held the IC title, but was not even close to being over. Cesaro is very, very over. This gives Heyman another crack at managing a champion. Anytime you have a top performer with a belt around his waist and Heyman at his side, you have to consider it. There’s only one downside to this: it might not be good enough for Cesaro.

Paging Bray Wyatt. Cesaro vs. Bray Wyatt would be a dream match between two young, exciting superstars that would compliment each other beautifully. Their in-ring work would be stellar, and with Bray vs. Heyman battles on the microphone? Yes, please. Wyatt has proven himself able to carry a feud without the stipulation of a title, and Heyman can do the same. This feud would laugh in the face of heels vs. faces, as neither really belong to one category. We’re not sure where Cesaro’s character is going, but he’ll likely be a cheered villain; especially with his first match with obvious heel Jack Swagger. The Wyatt Family are heels enough to do and say things that villains do, but we like them in the process. Bray was awesome at Mania, and I officially bought a ticket onto the Luke Harper bandwagon as soon as they went on sale. To close this out, don’t look now, but Cesaro/Lesnar vs. The Wyatt Family would be…

It’s my belief that we’re eventually headed for Brock Lesnar vs. Cesaro, but we could have to wait a year for that. As long as the stepping stones to the finish line of Cesaro’s journey are not Sheamus, Big Show, Sin Cara, etc., we should be in for a great run. There is plenty for the King of Swing to do. It could involve going for a title, chasing away buzzards, or beating the guy who beat the streak. As long as Paul Heyman is by his side, it should be exciting to watch.

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