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Conor McGregor addresses Mayweather’s racism claims



It didn’t take long for the subject of race to become one of the ongoing storylines in the build up to the upcoming Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Conor McGregor Showtime PPV.

It seemingly began when McGregor called Mayweather “boy” during their now infamous press tour. It gained more steam when one of Mayweather’s reps insisted that McGregor called the boxing legend a “monkey” later on the same tour. While it was clear that Conor did called Floyd’s white bodyguards “juicehead monkeys,” only Floyd would know if Conor did actually address him with a racial slur whether it was not in front of a live mic or off camera.

In a recent interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, McGregor addressed the aforementioned allegations. And it gets pretty intense. Check out the interview and Conor’s words transcribed below.

“He knows there’s no racism from me. His father knows. Ellerbe knows. Ask these people. I never once — he said I labeled him as a monkey. I never once in my life labeled him or any African-American as a monkey, and it — expletive — annoys me that he’s even bringing this type of stuff up.

“If I was — like I said, if I was to label him after any animal, it would be the rat or the weasel. He is — because that’s a rat and a weasel move, trying to manipulate someone’s words and try to create and create something that’s not even there. And that’s such a sensitive subject. I mean, he’s a man that beats his wife in front of his kid. He is the dirt of the dirt. So to try to even bring that up and engage in that, it’s like, you know what? That shows me your true colors.”

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