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Crimson Canvas Ep. 56 w/ Julie Kedzie & Jeff Sherwood



The Crimson Canvas Podcast is back with a jam-packed 2 plus hour extravaganza. It’s been dubbed, “Das Uber Show” but I prefer calling it, The Flint Michigan Mega Bowl Show. Either way, it’s an amazing podcast with two world class guests.
First, WMMA legend, Invicta Announcer and Twitter Nut-Magnet Julie Kedzie stops by. She talks twitter, announcing, and a whole lot more. It’s our second show with the talented and beautiful Kedzie, and we hope there’s a third, fourth, fifth….she’s that entertaining.
Next, MMA Pioneer and Media legend Jeff Sherwood drops by to talk MMA Officiating, his foray back into MMA Media with Josh Gross, some football, and old school MMA. Jeff is one of the most knowledgeable people on earth when it comes to MMA. and is an overall awesome human being. (Even if he is a Dodgers fan.) Tune in and have some fun!
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