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Crimson Canvas Podcast Ep. 62 w/ Mike Swick



This week we were joined by UFC legend and TUF 1 Alum, Mike Swick. Having recently launched an amazing MMA site aptly titled, he dropped by to talk scoops, news, myspace, and a whole bunch more. It’s a great website that is not trying to be another click bait copy/paste site, but rather a comprehensive home to MMA fans, where they can get news, editorial content, interviews a ton more. Our own Evan Shoman is heavily involved and he only puts his name on things he believes in. It’s a tremendous project.

Website aside, it’s always fun to talk to Mike. He’s personable, funny and knows everything, having been involved in MMA since its infancy, having fought everywhere from rings, to cages, to barns, to bars to parking lots.

Evan, Dan and Dion talk Making a Murderer, WWE, NXT and much more in another week of fun and hilarious radio. Make sure you tune in and check us out.