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Kris Marshall rumoured for next Doctor Who



Kris Marshall is expected to make Doctor Who history this year by becoming the thirteenth incarnation of the titular character in the long running British BBC Sci-Fi series.

The news comes to us by the way of British newspaper, The Mirror, as an inside source tells us that Marshall left his then-current series Death is Paradise to fulfil the new role. Interestingly, the news of Marshall’s exit came days before the news that Peter Capaldi would be stepping down as the current Doctor.

In addition, The Mirror was told that quote, “They won’t risk a woman Doctor. They want a David Tennant type.” – which came as a disappointment to most fans who expected Tilda Swinton or Sheridan Smith to become the first female Doctor. Equally, many thought also that the first black Doctor would be cast, with Richard Ayoade appearing to be a favourite for the role. It must be stated that BBC shot down the rumours that a casting choice had been made, nor are any of these factors having any impact on their decision, which would be very disappointing if found to be true.

Marshall has allegedly already begun filming and is expected to begin the role earlier than announced; some saying he will be ‘regenerated in’ during the 12th episode of the new season which began airing last night.

I personally am disappointed with their decision. I was a fan of his work in My Family, though I’m unsure of his fit for this kind of role. Then again, we could be proven wrong – many thought Matt Smith would flop on debut, and he gave the show new life, it is still early days. It’s also sad to hear BBC went out of their way to not cast someone other than a white man for the role. But do let us know what you think on social media, or in the comments.

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