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‘Mayweather vs. McGregor’ live play-by-play



It’s actually happening. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are prepared to battle inside of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let’s do it live!

Imelda May kicks things off with the Irish National Anthem. Demi Lovato follows with the American National Anthem. 

McGregor and his team walk out first to Sinead O’ Connor’s ‘The Foggy Dew’. McGregor’s posse has brought both the featherweight and lightweight UFC titles to the ring. McGregor is not currently recognized as the featherweight champion.

Maywather walks out in a full face mask embracing the ‘heel’ persona as lead Showtime announcer Mauro Ranallo points out. 

Jimmy Lennon Jr. introduces both fighters while the soulless looking Corona ring girls smile and hold ‘The Money Belt’ which will be awarded to the winner of this fight. Robert Byrd will oversee the contest. He gives both men their instructions. He focuses on McGregor as he reads the rules. Both men touch gloves.

Round 1: McGregor immediately takes the fight to Floyd. He comes out in a martial arts stance and lands some punches against the ropes. He’s using his reach to his full advantage. Pawing with the right jab and landing the left. McGregor does some showboating at the half way marker of the first. McGregor takes the first round with ease. A counter left uppercut was the best shot of the round landed by Conor. 10-9 McGregor.

Round 2: The fighters touch gloves. McGregor back Mayweather into a corner. McGregor gets a stern warning for a hammerfist. McGregor is switching stances from southpaw to orthodox beautifully. Floyd is landing some good shots but McGregor is countering every single one. Mayweather is respecting his power. McGregor is up 20-18. Not a whole lot offense from Floyd so far.

Round 3: McGregor lands and hits an illegal hammerfist again. Byrd warns him. McGregor is popping the jab and following it with a body shot and landing at will. Conor takes another round but he’s in danger of losing a point from all of the hammerfisting. McGregor 30-27.

Round 4: Conor comes out fast here but he was breathing heavy in between rounds. There may be a sense of urgency. Huge left counter from Conor. Floyd is firing back now. Conor scores a lot toward the end of the round but Floyd’s looking more crisp. Still a Conor round due to the volume. The replay shows a nice right jab from Mayweather that looks to be his best shot of the fight thus far. McGregor 40-36 after 4.

Round 5: Mayweather comes out strong. Lots of clinching early. All pitter patter work from Conor here. Floyd looks like the fresher man but Conor is non stop. Again, the reach advantage is giving Floyd trouble. Conor is actually outboxing Floyd. Conor gets an extra hit in after every clinch and it’s upsetting Floyd. Floyd takes this one. Closest round so far. 49-46 for Conor. This is pretty wild.

Round 6: Mayweather turns his back early and Conor pounds away. The ref breaks it up. Strange times. Mayweather is heating up. He’s landing power shots and the crowd is getting loud. McGregor is landing some stellar body shots. Very smart fight from the mixed martial artist in his pro boxing debut. Crowd chants ‘Conor’ with under a minute left in the middle round. Mayweather lands a hard right. Conor puts both of his hands behind hs back. Floyd wins another round on our scorecard. Conor up 58-56.

Round 7: Steve Farhood has it even at 57-57 after 6. Floyd is landing and Conor is fading. Lots of clinching in this round. Mayweather lands some big shots with a minute left in the round. He’s downloading Conor. It took a little while but it’s becoming his fight now. He takes another round. Nice straight rights from Floyd. Conor is up 67-66 on our score card.

Round 8: Mayweather turns his back to Conor again early. Very awkward. Conor getting a second wind here. Left hand lands. Floyd follows with some rights. Left from Conor. Toe to toe action. Conor clinches. Conor is spinning Floyd around with his body and popping him. Very nice work. The straight left is landing for Conor and Floyd is taking it well. Conor initiating clinches as Paulie points out. He’s understanding just how tiring boxing can be. Especially against the best in the world. Tough round to score. We’re giving to Conor but this could be the one that ends up deciding the fight. 77-75 for McGregor after 8.

Round 9: McGregor stuns Floyd with a body shot early! Some controversy here for a second but the ref clears it up. McGregor is scoring huge here. Mayweather returns with a right. Floyd blasting Conor now. What a turnaround. No defense from Conor. He’s clinching to try and survive. Conor’s hands are down. Floyd’s best round by far. Could be the beginning of the end for Conor. 86-85 for Conor. His corner tells him he needs to tie Floyd up this round.

Round 10: Floyd landing at will. Conor is one the ropes. He’s had enough. He doesn’t go down but the referee decides to save him further damage. May have been a bit of an early stoppage but I don’t see how he would’ve came back. The ref may have saved him from an embarrassing moment. Instead, he comes off like a stud in his pro boxing debut against TBE.

Mayweather landed 20 of 25 power shots in the final round. McGregor and Mayweather embrace in the center of the ring in a show of respect. Words are exchanged and all of them are of a positive nature.

Final Result: Floyd Mayweather Jr. (50-0) defeats Conor McGregor (0-1) via TKO, Round 10, 1:05


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