Michael Bisping makes a mess of Cung Le in Macau

Relentlessness, speed, and volume. It’s what makes Michael Bisping such a dangerous opponent for any middleweight if he can weather your initial storm (and not circle to your power hand).

In his main event five rounder against Cung Le in Macau, Bisping was able to absorb some powerful body kick bys Le. According to cageside stats, Bisping landed 115 strikes to Le’s 44. I’d check those stats again when they become available on fightmetric. It almost seemed like Bisping landed 115 strikes in his finishing sequence. It was reminiscent of a scene from an action film, something that Le is no stranger to. Punches to the head, a well placed body shot, a left head kick and finally a knee to send Le down where he’ed be polished off by some more strikes. And this was all heading into the 21st minute of the fight.

There was no question who’d be the better man on this night. “The Count” is very much alive and well and back in the title picture again. What’s next for Le? Don’t expect him to hang up his gloves after this performance. How about we let that face heal first then we’ll talk.

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