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NXT Live St. Louis (4.28.17) Recap



I was able to attend the NXT Live show in ‘St. Louis’ this past Friday. The event was actually in the Family Arena in St. Charles, Missouri, but I guess it’s close enough to St. Louis to count. The arena holds about 10,000 at capacity, but obviously only a portion of it was used for this event. I’d estimate about 1,500 people or so, but I’m terrible at estimating crowd sizes. There were very few seats on the reseller market, so take that for what it’s worth. I managed to snag a floor seat, but I don’t think there was a ‘bad’ seat to be had.

A few notes from before the event:

  • Shinsuke Nakamura NXT shirts were on sale ($20 versus the normal $30 for a shirt) and they sold a ton of them.
  • Signed Bobby Roode 11×14 photos were also for sale for $10, which I thought was actually a really good price, so I picked one up.
  • The crowd was mostly the kind of crowd you would expect at an NXT show. There were some kids sprinkled in, but mainly the smart mark-types. Then there was this guy behind me that had a James Ellsworth look to him that was REALLY into the show. The dude had signs and was running back and forth and all.
  • Before the show, Kayla Braxton was going around the crowd. Eventually, we were asked to tweet a hash tag to vote for a classic NXT match to see tonight. I thought that was weird. It ended up just being some highlights shown during intermission. Sasha Banks v Bayley at Takeover Brooklyn won.

Match #1: No Way Jose pinned Eric Young

  • After the pin, SAnitY got in the ring and beat Jose down. SAnitY then challenged anyone crazy enough to fight them to come down, which led to…

Match #2: #DIY pinned SAnitY (Alexander Wolfe & Killian Dain)

  • Eric Young & Nikki Cross were ejected from ringside before the match.

Match #3: Sonya Deville pinned Aliyah

  • Sonya is the former Daria Berenato, but she still has the MMA gimmick. I could see her sort of in a Brock Lesnar role in that she could be a suplex machine with that same background. Just throwing that out there.

Match #4: Dylan Miley pinned Patrick Clark

  • Clark purposely referred to the town as Kansas City in his pre-match promo to garner some heat. He actually got a decent amount of offense in and Miley sold a lot more than we’ve seen on TV.

Match #5: Aleister Black pinned Cezar Bononi

  • Earlier, Bononi cut a typical foreigner heel promo on the screen about how Brazil had the best fighters, etc. Black won with the Black Mass.

Intermission: Highlights of Bayley and Sasha Banks from TakeOver Brooklyn were shown.

Match #6: Hideo Itami pinned Andrade Almas

  • I thought this was a really good match. Itami wins with the GTS. Also, Almas didn’t wear that stupid hat.

Match #7: Asuka & Ruby Riot pinned Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

  • Asuka came out with the old NXT Women’s belt, so I guess the new ones didn’t make the trip. This was a fun match mostly centered on the heels wanting no part of Asuka and trying to isolate Riot. Asuka goes to 173-0 with the win here.

Match #8: NXT Champion Bobby Roode retains over Tye Dillinger

  • Tye is just ridiculously over. So is Roode. Roode was also wearing the old NXT championship. Early on, Roode put on a Nashville Predators jersey (St. Louis was playing them in Game 2 of the NHL playoffs concurrently). Tye went to ringside where a fan gave him his Blues jersey, which happened to be a perfect color match for Tye’s ring gear. Tye punched out Roode, tore off the jersey, and gave it an elbow drop in the middle of the ring. After all that, a really great match ensued. Easily the best of the night. After the match, Roode tries to beat up Tye some more, but gets a Tye Breaker and then a Stone Cold Stunner to end the show.

Overall, it was a really fun show. There were some stupid chants from the handful of idiots who sound like they just found out pro wrestling isn’t real and think they’re the enlightened ones. I’d definitely recommend seeing the NXT A-show tour if you get the chance.