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Opinion: How to Fix The ‘Roman’ Empire



Roman Reigns. That name only brings up so many different reactions among wrestling fans these days. He splits the crowd right down the middle very much like Cena does. It seems here recently he’s getting more boo’s then ever before. One of the most polarizing figures we have seen in a long time. I ask myself all the time why do fans hate this guy so much? Is it because he’s clearly the chosen one of MeekMahon!!! (couldn’t resist going into a little Broken Matt there). Or maybe it’s because he’s the only former Shield member who hasn’t evolved his character. Maybe he was pushed to soon. It could be a combination of all those things. Let’s take it back to the Shield. He was my favorite member along with Dean. Fans seemed to love him then. I knew all three would be stars. To me Dean had the best character, Seth was the best wrestler, and Roman had the most potential because he’s got the look WWE usually looks for plus the family heritage.

The biggest issue I see with Roman has been the way he’s been booked. His attire and music still reflect The Shield. Seth and Dean changed it up once they split. Roman needs to do the same. Another issue I see with him is his mic work. He is not a great promo. I’ve seen improvement but it’s not his strong point. I wouldn’t have him do much talking. Let him do his talking in the ring. Actions speak louder than words. He could be a perfect example for that. Last but not least the one thing I feel can help  fix the Roman Empire is to turn him heel. Everything about him screams heel to me. His all black attire. Some of his mannerisms. He has a bit of cockiness to him he needs to show more of. Let him have a nice heel run then let him be that babyface WWE wants him to be.

The perfect time for WWE to turn him heel was during his feud with the Undertaker. Now that he has beaten him on the Grandest Stage of them all Wrestlemania, that victory should be used to fuel a heel turn. Did you hear that crowd the night after Mania? Straight vicious. Now is the time to capitalize on this golden opportunity. Not only did Roman beat Taker, he most likely had his last match with him. Taker is beloved by the WWE universe. A living legend. That would have been a tough spot for anyone to be in. But someone had to do it.  Every chance Roman gets he should remind fans I retired The Undertaker and this is my yard now. Instant heel heat. They have already been booing him. Now they have even more of a reason to do so. You could have one of the biggest heel’s we have seen in a long time if WWE was smart.

WWE did something interesting with him this past week. After picking up that big win at Mania, two weeks later he got destroyed on Raw by Braun Strowman. Tazz brought up a good point on his radio show about Taker saying he  should be pissed. He passed the torch to Roman and next thing you know he is beaten down by Strowman. I didn’t see that one coming at all. There could be serious pros and cons to that but it could be away to get Roman off TV for a bit to cool the heat on him. Maybe in even tweak a few things with his gimmick. Change up his attire. Give him some new music. It could all help him out in the long run.

In closing I hope WWE gets it together with Roman. He’s not a bad wrestler at all. Can he improve in some areas? Sure, but his wrestling is not the major issue with him. The things I mentioned are. If WWE can hit the reset bottom and make some much-needed changes to the booking of Roman, he can be dominant for years to come and you can Believe That!

this article comes to us via @MoneyMakerChris