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How we proved Katy Perry right at the Brit Awards



Katy Perry recently released her newest single, ‘Chained to the Rhythm’, and honestly it’s one of her best songs yet, partnering with famous rapper Skip Marley. This is a personal confession, I don’t normally listen to music in the charts, however, I’ve always had a soft spot for Perry’s music.

‘Chained to the Rhythm’ has a lot of meaning in today’s political climate. Listening to the lyrics, it talks about ‘dancing to the distortion’ one line saying “we think we’re free”. It’s no secret either that this song is about the era of President Trump. We’re all pretending his cabinet choices and all the things going on are ‘normal’ and we’re reassured that everything will be okay. Katy Perry and Skip Marley disagree, and this is a quite call for action.

The music video beautifully fits with the song’s message. It focuses on a dangerous amusement park, though everyone is too brainwashed by the ‘rhythm’ and social media to not avoid these situations. It even shows people being thrown from rides and being launched into the distance.  Katy is nearly fed a beaker of flaming liquid until she sees what happens to everyone else.

In February of this year, she performed a version of this song live at the Brit Awards. She appeared in normal evening wear, just wearing converse – nothing too spectacular, because she wanted the audience to focus on what she was saying, instead of focusing on the splendour we’re used to seeing from her.

In particular, she had two skeletons appear on stage. They were dressed in the same way as Donald Trump and Theresa May in the infamous hand holding picture that went viral during the Prime Minister’s visit to the White House earlier in the year. It was an impactful performance, and it certainly provoked many minds.

Of course, something happened that proved Katy Perry and Skip Marley to be completely right in their message. A dancer who portrayed a house prop on stage fell off in a fashion that some found comedic. The video went viral on Social Media, and it dominated entertainment headlines that week.

The idea behind their song is that some people choose to live in the bubble that everything is okay, and even though we don’t like the man in charge, we can remain complacent. We are too distracted by vapid stories of the hour, and that we must take things seriously if we want to see a change and resist the current administration. Everyone talking about that house falling down instead of the overall message, it shows that this couldn’t be far from the truth.

No matter what political position you have, you must agree that we need to stay informed, so if the Trump administration does not work for everyone, or whatever it may be – we can choose our own methods of protesting peacefully. We are at an integral part in history, and the future is in our hands. We all must work together to make choices that work for everyone, and I trust that someday you, the reader, will make wonderful choices and look to make a progressive change at local, regional, national or international levels.

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