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Ring of Honor Television Report (Episode #289): Marty Scurll versus Kenny King



The show begins with the ending of last week’s show, with Adam Cole telling the Young Bucks how disappointed he was with them after they had lost to the Addiction and Dalton Castle and Cole getting double superkicked by the Bucks. Cole then tried to throw the Bucks out of The Bullet Club, but Matt Jackson fired back that it was them that brought him into the Bullet Club, and that he wasn’t the leader. He then threw up the sign of the Elite and reminded him of the Bullet Club’s true leader, Kenny Omega.

They then went to a promo with Adam Cole, who talked about everything he had been through lately, including losing his world title to Christopher Daniels. He then said that he had only lost the title when there had been obstacles in his path and said that he had won the belt three times, but there was no reason he couldn’t win in a fourth time. He then said that there was no way he was done with the ROH World title.

They then went back to Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for this weeks matches. Kevin Kelly and Ian Riccaboni are on commentary. They announced that Marty Scurll will be defending the ROH World Television Title against Kenny King in the main event.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Raymond Rowe

This match stems from Smith’s team with War Machine following apart at the last pay-per-view. Smith attacks Rowe before the bell rang, concentrating on his knee. Smith attacked with a vengeance and started slamming it on the apron and around the post on the outside. Rowe tried to fight back, but Smith cut him off and gave him a shin-breaker across the timekeeper’s table. Smith then busted out his uncle’s famous figure four leglock around the ring post. He milked the count as long as he could before breaking it and the ref admonished him. Commercial Break.

BFC, Rowe was fighting back with some forearms and went for a German suplex, but his knee gave out and Smith caught him a kneebar, then switched to the STF, but was grabbing Rowe’s beard and Smith was forced to break it. Smith kept going for leg submissions, but Rowe kept getting to the ropes. Rowe caught Smith some back elbows, and Smith missed a high knee in the corner and Rowe hit the Shotgun Knee strike but couldn’t follow up, and Smith hit a discus clothesline for a two count. Rowe fired up and the two traded forearms, and Rowe hit a release German suplex for a two count. Smith escaped Death Rowe, but Rowe hit a clothesline and a release uranage, but missed a Shotgun knee in the corner and Smith hit a Saito Suplex for a two count. Smith went for a powerbomb, but Rowe blocked and went for Death Row, but Smith escaped and hit the Bulldog Bomb for a near fall. Rowe came back with a throw into a kneestrike, and then hit a sloppy version of the Death Rowe (Full Nelson into a knee to the head, but this one hit Smith more in the back for a three count). Not the best finish in the world.

Winner: Rowe via pinfall

ROH World TV Champion Marty Scurll cut a brief promo. He praised Kenny King’s talent, but said talent would only take him so far. He said no matter he thought he deserved the title, he would not it as long as Scurll was champion. ‘Long Live The Villain.’

BFC, Kenny King cut a promo. He said that ROH was finally giving him and The Rebellion the due that they deserved with this title shot. He said that it was good that Scurll had that umbrella because he was going to send his ass the way of Mary Poppins. He said that the title would be coming to the Rebellion and the K.I.N.G.

Then they went to the announcer’s desk where they talked about the Top Prospect Tournament and showed the bracket. They then sent it back to Manhattan Mayhem VI when Josh Woods faced Brian Milonas in a semifinal match.

Josh Woods vs. Brian Milonas in a Top Prospect Tournament Semifinal

Riccaboni and Brutal Bob Evans are on commentary for this match. Woods is the MMA guy who wears wrestling shoes. Milonas is the very fat guy from New England. Woods tried to waistlock him, but Milonas just tossed him off. Woods tried to go right after him, but Milonas clotheslined him and kicked him to the outside. Woods caught him in a submission in the ropes. Woods went to kip up in the corner, but Milonas dropped him rib first across the top rope, and hit a sidewalk slam for a two count. Commercial break.

BFC, Milonas was choking Woods over the ropes. Woods tried to a quick roll up, but Milonas blocked it and dropped a massive elbow, but didn’t go for the pin. Woods came back with a flying knee, but Milonas caught him with an overhead belly to belly for a two count. Milonas was taunting Woods, but Woods caught him in a triangle. Milonas managed to get to his feet and powerbomb his way out of the hold with one arm. Woods got into the corner, and Milonas rammed his ass into Woods head in the corner. Woods hit an avalanche, but hesitated and missed the second one, and Woods hit a springboard flying knee and a head kick, but Milonas grabbed the ropes before the three. Woods went for another springboard flying knee, but Milonas clubbed him in the back and then fell backwards onto Woods, but he kicked out and Milonas couldn’t believe it. Milonas started working him over in the corner, but missed an avalanche and Woods caught him with a 400 pound German suplex! Milonas kicked out, but then Woods switched to a kneebar! Milonas then tapped out. Woods stamps his ticket to the finals.

Winner: Woods via submission 

They then showed the end of Manhattan Mayhem last month, when Bully Ray appeared to save the Briscoes from a  eatdown at the hands of the Bullet Club. The rest of the Club cleared the ring and left Adam Cole to be chokeslammed through a table by Ray. They then went to a promo from the Briscoes and talked about Bully coming to save them and how they admired him. Then they hyped the Six Man Tag Team title match between them and The Kingdom for next week.

BFC, they then showed when Frankie Kazarian winning a six-way Scramble to earn a shot at the ROH World TV title at the pay per view. They then went to the ending of the World title match that same night, when Kazarian revealed it has been a swerve all along-ripping of his Bullet Club shirt to reveal a Christopher Daniels shirt underneath. 

‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll (C) vs. Kenny King (with Caprice Coleman) for the ROH World Television Title

Kazarain then joined the team on commentary. Scurll dismisses the Code of Honor and then they start the match on the mat. They went back and forth until Scurll started mocking King and doing bird motions. Alright. Commercial Break.

BFC, King had Scurll in a headlock and Scurll drove him into the corner, and they broke clean , and started exchanging chops. King came back with an over the top clothesline on him. Kazarian busted out a Randy Savage reference and said “what a maneuver” which was the highlight of the show for me. King went to springboard back it, but Scurll blocked and King fell on the top rope. Scurll superkicked him from the apron, then caught him with another on the outside. Scurll then started working on the arm and shoulder of King. Kelly apologized for all he said about Kaz when he thought he joined BC. Kazarian accepted, then said Coleman owed him sixty dollars. Scurll raked King’s back, then pulled on his face from a Mexican Surfboard position. King used a kip up into a sunset flip for a two count, but Scurll took him down an arm ringer and dropped a knee to the head for a two count. Scurll then used a Straight Jacket on King. King managed to reverse it, but Scurll drove him back into the corner. King caught him with a spinkick, then hit a clothesline and a spinebuster for a two count. One more commercial break.

BFC, Scurll dropkicks King in the knee and hit a brainbuster for a two count. Scurll followed up with a piledriver for another near fall. They traded rights from their knees. Scrull hit a superkick, but King came back with a forearm. Scurll sidekicked the knee and blocked a cart-wheel kick, but King came back with a roll up for a two count. They traded reversals until King caught Scurll with a cart-wheel kick that knocked him to the floor, and then a corkscrew pescado. King then tossed him in the ring and hit a big blockbuster off the top for a two count. King went for a DVD, but Scurll grabbed his wrist and broke King’s fingers. Scurll then slapped on the crossface chickenwing! King then tapped out. Scurll retains.

Winner: Scurll via submission

Fanatic Take: This wasn’t as strong as some recent shows have been. ROH’s product depends heavily on the in-ring product and when the matches are off, the shows are off. All the matches here were okay, but they all, including the main event, lacked both excitement and fluidity. The main event was weird because it was heel vs heel, but they were in King’s hometown and Scurll is really over, so…just a little bit of a weird show. The best part for me was Kazarian on commentary. Also, ROH does a great job of telling stories-but the TV is always a month old, and that forever hurts the product. But…I digress.

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