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Ring of Honor TV Wrestling Report (3/15/17)



Ring of Honor Wrestling Report (Air Date 3/15/17)

The ROH opening airs. Once again, the show comes from Stage AE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

It should be noted that this show was taped before the events of Manhattan Mayhem and the 15th Anniversary Show, which aired just a week ago. Just ridiculous.

Ian Riaconnbi and Alex Shelley are on commentary.

The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. Coast to Coast (LSG & Ali) in a non-title match

The Bucks are still the ROH World Tag Team Champions here.  This is billed as a “Proving Ground” match. We see a short promo where Matt mentions he can’t see the Hardys anywhere, but Nick mentioned that Coast to Coast was here, and it was time for a Superkick Party! Nick and LSG start out with some chain wrestling. Nick nails a dropkick and the Bucks launch into some great double team offense on both men, which they looked to culminate with a double dive, but Ali tripped and pulled both men to the floor, setting them up for a beautiful springboard corkscrew moonsault press on both men by LSG. Coast to Coast gets the Bucks back in the ring to land some nice double team offense of their own. Commercial break.

BFC, Ali is cleaning house on the Bucks. He crotches Matt on the top rope and drops into the tree of woe, and they hit an awesome Coast to Coast (LSG)/skateboard dropkick (Ali) combination, but Nick comes in to break up the pin. They were setting up another double team move when Nick cut off Ali with a superkick, and they hit a double superkick on LSG. Nick took Ali out with a superkick from the apron, and Matt superkicked LSG in the thigh when he went for a springboard move. Matt held LSG across the rope and Nick hit a 450 Splash for the three count.

Winners: The Young Bucks by pin in five minutes plus a commercial

Post-match, The Bucks laid out Ali with a Twist of Fate/swanton bomb combination, with a loud “Delete! Suck It” chant in between.

We see what happened last week between Lio Rush and The Rebellion last week. Then we get an interview with Riaconbi and Rush. Rush said that the Rebellion were like children. They didn’t who they are and what they wanted to be, but rather they just wanted to play games, and last week, he was simply showing that he could play games too. Rush said that he was tired of the Rebellion, and wanted this whole thing to be over. Kenny King then interrupted and cut a really good promo. He accused Rush of calling him a clown and talked about how people were saying to him that Lio Rush played him. He said that after last week, that the time for games was over, and while the Rebellion once saw something in Rush and offered him a spot, that was over two. He said that he had been in the business for fifteen years and that everyone knew what he was going to do now, and said the question should be what was Lio Rush gonna do now? King said he flew with the grace of cruiserweight, but then flexed and said he kept in live at 225. He said that next week, everyone would know that it was Kenny King that put the hush on Lio Rush. They meet on TV next week.

Curt “The Lone Star” Stallion vs. Preston Quinn in a Top Prospect Tournament First Round Match

Stallion is a young guy from my area in Texas. Quinn is a twenty-three year veteran from Virginia and some sleazy looking manager with him. The manager wanted Stallion to shake his hand, and Quinn used the moment to jump him. Quinn pounded on him until he cut off with a rolling elbow, and hit a double stomp to a seated Quinn for a near fall. The manager grabbed Stallion’s leg, and Quinn cut him off with a clothesline. Quinn hit a great looking brainbuster, but hesitated on  the cover for a two count. Quinn hit a Torture Rack backbreaker, but kept jawing with the fans instead looking to finish the match. Stallion managed to get the much bigger man up for an Air Raid Crash neckbreaker for a near fall. Quinn cut off Stallion with a big left hand and spiked him with a great looking piledriver, but again he didn’t go for the cover. Quinn missed a second rope elbowdrop and Stallion hit a running headbutt for the three count. Quinn may have popped his shoulder up to late but who knows.

Winner: Stallion by pin in four minutes

Stallion moves on to the next round. He will face John Skyler, who is probably the favorite in this tournament. Commercial break.

BFC, “The American Nightmare” Cody came out to cut a promo. He said they were playing a game called “Where Is Jay?” He said that one has seen Jay around. He said that ever since he kicked Lethal in his tiny balls at Final Battle, the great champion Jay Lethal had been replaced by a guy Cody called “Lazy Jay”. Cody then called out the youngest member of the Bullet Club, Hangman Adam Page. He then took Page’s rope and said that he would be placing a cowbell on it, and he challenged Jay Lethal to a Texas Bullrope Match at Supercard of Honor. The crowd chanted “Dusty.”

Jay Lethal then cut a promo on Jay White, saying that he didn’t understand why there was so much hype behind this rematch. He said that when he was undefeated for three years, he was beating world champions, and White was nothing to him. He promised to make short work of Jay White next week.

Dalton Castle (w/ the Boys) vs Jonathan Gresham

These two started out with some very good mat wrestling. Gresham got a few takedowns, but Castle blocked a drop toe hold and took the back of Gresham before he got the ropes. They engaged a series of fun reversals and posturing. Castle eventually tossed him with a power double, then hit a high knee in the corner, followed by a belly to belly suplex. Castle went for his finish, but Gresham countered into a crucifix for a near fall. Gresham followed it up with a beautiful springboard hurricanrana that sent Castle to the floor, followed by a flying knee from the apron. Gresham threw Castle in the ring and went for a Flying Thesz Press, but Castle caught him and tossed him right into the Bangarang for the three count.

Winner: Castle by pin in about four minutes

Main Event: War Machine (Hanson and Raymond Rowe) vs Punishment Martinez and BJ Whitmer in a No Disqualification, No Countout Match

Mark Briscoe replaced Alex Shelley on commentary. War Machine didn’t even let Martinez and Whitmer make their entrance, attacking them before they even came out. This was an all-out brawl. Rowe caught Martinez with a forearm out of midair. Hanson whipped Whitmer into the rails on the outside, knocking off the ROH plate, and Row whipped Martinez into a boot from Hansen. They sat Whitmer and Martinez in chairs and Rowe hit a flying knee on Whitmer and Hanson a Bronco Buster on Martinez for a big pop. Hansen and BJ ended up the ring, but Whitmer finally got the upper hand, tossing a chair into the head of Hansen, then wearing him out with shots to the back. Commercial Break.

BFC, Hanson was hitting running clotheslines in the corner on both heels. Martinez eventually cut Hanson off with a top rope spin kick. Rowe came in and hit a throw on Martinez, but Whitmer hit a Release German suplex on Rowe. Whitmer and Rowe traded some big blows, but Martinez hit a Superman Punch on Rowe and Whitmer caught him with an Exploder suplex for a near fall. Hanson reentered the fray and took out Whitmer. War Machine hit a huge double team pop powerslam, followed by Hanson taking out Whitmer on the floor with an awesome tope, but Martinez kicked out. War Machine set up a table in the ring, but Whitmer managed to avoid it and send both of War Machine to the outside. Martinez hit an incredible suicide dive on three men. Hanson and Martinez ended up fighting back in the ring, and Hanson was ready to put Martinez off the table from the top rope, but Martinez fought back and hit Hanson with a second rope chokeslam through the table for the three count for the win.

Winner: Martinez and Whitmer by pin in nine minutes.

Post-match, Whitmer gets in front of Martinez and celebrates by jawing with the fans, but he turns around and Martinez lays him out with a chokeslam! Mark Briscoe astutely says that Whitmer is his partner no more as the show ends.

Frank’s Fanatic Take: You can’t say that this wasn’t a fine, fine wrestling show. But at the same time, it is frustrating to know that you are watching month old television. You know that Ring of Honor has had a great show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York and a very good pay-per-view, with a new world champion, and yet this week’s (and probably next week’s) television doesn’t follow up on that! It can make watching ROH Television very, very frustrating. At the same time, it is a very nice to see that they are ready to push Punishment Martinez who has the size, look, and ability to a big star in a company that is losing its top stars at an alarming rate.

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