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Ring of Honor Wrestling TV Report: Episode #292



The show begins with a series of stills highlighting the action from Supercard of Honor XI during WrestleMania weekend in Lakeland, Florida, which was the biggest crowd in the history of the company. We see the stills of the bloody Bullrope match between Cody Rhodes and Jay Lethal, Christopher Daniels successfully defending the ROH World Title against Dalton Castle, only to be attacked by Cody, and finally, The Young Bucks defeating The Hardys for the ROH World Tag Team Titles in a crazy Ladder War, the night before the Hardys returned to the WWE.

Then we get the opening video before opening the show with Christopher Daniels in the ring. He talks about defeating Castle at Supercard of Honor and how he will face the winner of a four-way match between Jay White, Silas Young, Adam Page, and Jay Lethal next week for the title. But then he said another possible challenger had made himself known and told ROH Officials to put him and the American Nightmare, Cody, in the ring as soon as possible; Cody’s music hits and comes down. He makes fun of Daniels’ old Fallen Angel nickname, and said “with a name like that, I expected you to be covered in Stardust”, which gets a rise out of the fans.

He then asked why they were fighting for the title tonight, and Daniels was down for it, as were the fans, but then Cody said that Baltimore wasn’t worth his time, but the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York would be a place he’d like to challenge for the title. Daniels said he would be happy to face whoever won the four-way next week and Cody in a three-way in New York, but Cody refused. He said that with Daniels as champion, Ring of Honor was whole, like the ROH of old and asked for him to imagine what it would be like if some outsider, someone who didn’t work for this company full tie were to come and win that title. Can you imagine?

We then join Ian Riccanobi and Colt Cabana on commentary. They announce Marty Scrull defending the TV Title versus Frankie Kazarian in the main event, as well as the final of the Top Prospect Tournament.

We then get a video highlighting the TV Title match between Marty Scrull and Adam Cole for SCOH XI, where Scrull defeated Cole with the crossface chickenwing.

Next up as a promo from Frankie Kazarian. He said that he loved a good villain and that Scrull was the epitome of a cool bad guy, a great villain. Kazarian then said that he was an unsung hero in pro wrestling and that he had been overlooked and underappreciated for years, but tonite he was taking the chip off his shoulder and replacing it with the ROH TV Title. He told Scrull to get his umbrella ready, because tonight it would be raining blood.

Lio Rush vs “The Notorious” Shane Taylor (with Caprice Coleman)

Coleman cut a short promo before the match, saying that he almost felt sorry for Rush, because this didn’t have to happen, but now he had to face a man who was Notorious, and Cabana sang the line on commentary. They faced off, and Taylor slapped Rush, but Rush slapped the much bigger Taylor back. He ducked a few wild swings and peppered Taylor with some shots, but Taylor pushed him away and caught him with a boot to the gut. Rush bounced back and managed to low bridge Taylor to the floor. Rush caught Taylor with a dropkick through the ropes, but missed a baseball slide, and Taylor caught him a knee to the gut. Rush tried to come back with a rana off the apron, but Taylor blocked it. Rush fought back with some hard kicks from the apron and went for a sky twister, but Taylor caught him and slammed back first into the post, then dropped him chest first onto the apron. Commercial Break.

BFC, Rush was trying to take it to Taylor. Taylor grabbed him by the throat and went for a chokeslam, but Rush slipped out and tried his best to light him up with forearms and chops, but Taylor whipped him hard into the corner. He landed on the apron and Coleman sat next to him and shook his head in a great heel comedy spot. Taylor then caught Rush with a running back splash in the corner, then placed a foot on his chest for a cover for a two count. But Rush fired up again with a series of strikes, before catching Taylor in a criss cross, and nailing him with a few kicks and a satellite DDT for a two count. Coleman jumped up on the apron and mocked Rush, but Rush nailed him with a handspring kick, then caught him with a tope. Coleman took a great bump. Rush then went up and went for Frog Splash, but Taylor moved, only to have Rush land on his feet, but Taylor caught him a big lariat. Taylor then hit a chokeslam into a powerbomb for the three count. See you in NXT, Lio!

Winner: Taylor via pinfall

After the match, The Motor City Machine Guns, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, came out to help Rush. Taylor looked to giving them some respect, but then he and Coleman jumped them. Coleman actually but his feet on Shelley’s back so Taylor could flatten Sabin with a second rope splash.

Then we get a small preview for the Top Prospect Final. Josh Woods calls himself the goods and said he had been the number one side all along. John Skyler said that everyone was getting to know the Southern Savior and called the other seven men in the tournament stepping stones. He said to get out of the way or get trampled.

Josh Woods vs John Skyler in the Finals of the Top Prospect Tournament Final

Brutal Bob Evans joined Ricanobi and Cabana on commentary. They locked up to start the match, with Skyler grabbing a top wristlock, but Woods took Skyler down with a double leg and controlled him on the mat for a while until Skyler worked his way back to his feet into a headlock. Woods tossed him and took him over with a Fireman’s carry into an armbar. Skyler worked to his feet and reversed it into a cravat. Skyler tried a snapmare, but Woods landed on his feet and ducked a clothesline and caught Skyler with a jumping knee. The crowd applauded, and Skyler was caught in the ropes. The ref held Woods back a little, and Skyler caught him with a hotshot. Skyler caught with a kick to the gut, then stomped him out to the floor. Skyler yelled out “I’m THE Top Prospect.” Commercial Break.

BFC, Skyler nailed Woods with a senton for a two count. They showed Skyler using the ringpost for the Bow and Arrow during the break. Woods nailed Skyler with a right, but Skyler cut him off with a shoulder to the gut, then worked him over the ropes and snapmaring him to set up another senton for a two count. Skyler went for one more, but Woods caught him in an armbar! Skyler quickly rolled to his knees and stacked up Woods for a two count, then caught him with a Fireman’s carry into a flip slam. But Woods came up hitting bodyshots from his knees, before hitting a series of knees to the gut and a pair of flying forearms, before hitting an overhead Belly to Belly suplex. Woods then caught Skyler with a high knee in the corner and set him up for a superplex, but Skyler fought out and tried to counter into his finisher, The Southern Salvation, but Woods slipped out to his feet and hit a big forearm that sent him off the ropes to the apron. They traded shots on the apron, until Skyler caught him with a front kick, then speared him on the apron!

Skyler then caught him with a slingshot spear for a two count. Skyler went for another one, but Woods caught him with a knee, but Skyler came right back with a jawbreaker. Skyler tried to slingshot in but Woods caught him with a Fireman’s carry and turned into this sweet TKO/GTS hybrid, but Skyler kicked out! Woods went for a springboard twisting knee, but Skyler caught him with a superkick for a near fall. Skyler caught him with a running European uppercut in the corner, and went for another, but Woods caught him and nailed him with the Chaos Theory, but Skyler kicked out, only to have Woods switch to an armbar! He tried to turn into a triangle but Skyler rolled through only to get caught in a kneebar and Skyler was forced to tap! Josh Woods is the Top Prospect Winner!

Winner: Woods by submission

Woods was celebrating and a few streamers were thrown when from out of David Starr, a northeast Indy guy who’s been getting a lot of buzz came out and nailed Woods from behind with a roaring elbow to the neck. He grabbed a mike and mockingly shook a downed Woods hand and congratulated him on winning the tournament before kicking him in the ribs. Starr then introduced himself, rattling off a dozen nicknames before finishing with The Product David Starr, THE top prospect, and said “I am really good at professional wrestling.” He got a pretty positive response from the fans.

We then get a promo from Adam Cole. He said he was going to plead with the Young Bucks, but just say that they need to go back to doing what they do best…being Bullet Club. He then put up the Too Sweet.

The Villain Marty Scrull vs. Frankie “The Rebel” Kazarian for the ROH World Television Title.

They teased shaking hands but neither man trusted the other. They locked up, then mat wrestle to a stalemate. Scrull shoved Kazarian, who responded by slapping on a headlock, then taking him down with a shoulder block. Scrull came up and mocked him with the flapping arms, but Kazarian dropped him with a right. Scrull avoided another right, and went out to the apron pointing to his brain. Kazarian grabbed by the hair and turned him around, but Scrull went for a shoulder to the gut, only for Kazarian to hit a twisting legdrop, then a slingshot DDT that took Scrull all the way down to the floor in a nasty looking bump. Commercial Break.

BFC, Scrull was in control, having caught Frankie with a superkick from the apron. Scrull worked on the arm with a wristlock, but Kazarian fought out and hit a trio of clotheslines, then whipped him into a hiptoss into a neckbreaker. Kazarian mocked Scrull’s arm flapping, then took him over face first for a two count. Kazarian then hit a lungblower, straight into an Unprettier for a two count. Scrull came back and stepped on Kazarian’s hand. Kazarian went for a springboard move, but Marty caught him down a Legsweep. He yelled for the chicken wing, but Kazarian rolled through with a fireman’s carry for a two count, but then Marty rolled him up for a two count. Frankie cut him off and yelled “no chicken wings on the menu tonight,” but Scrull caught him a brainbuster for a two count.

Scrull then went for the umbrella, but Frankie stopped him on the apron and slingshoted him into a cutter for a near fall. Scrull then caught Frankie by the hand and broke his fingers. Kazarian was going to go from the chicken wing, but Frankie was in the ropes. Marty then went to the outside and grabbed a bag of powder, but missed Frankie and hit the ref! Frankie hit the Ace of Spades (Dragon Sleeper turned into a stunner) and had the pin, but the ref was out. Adam Page ran down with a chair. Frankie saw him coming and backed him down, but Marty tried to grab him in the chicken wing, but Frankie reversed it and grabbed a reverse rollup for a two count, but when Marty kicked out, he kicked Frankie right into a chairshot from Page. Marty then covered for the pin.

Winner: Scrull via pinfall

After the match, Frankie chased Page to the back while Marty took the mike and said there was no more competition for hi. But then Matt Sydal made his return to ROH and Scrull took a powder. The show ended with Sydal talking to the camera.

Fanatic Take: This was a very good episode of the show from my eyes. First off, it’s nice to have some fairly fresh TV for once! I’ll two week old TV over two month TV any day. It’s nice to see ROH starting to reload on younger talent. Shane Taylor got a nice win, Woods and Skyler but on a great match and David Starr got a great introduction. The main event was a little disappointing, as Kazarian and Scrull went for more comedy than show stealer. The opening video with the Supercard of Honor highlights followed by the opening promo was the highlight for me. The video was well then, and since ROH usually starts off the show with a match, opening with a promo segment felt cool and different. Cody was very good on the mic and him as a World Title challenger will be very entertaining.