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Ring of Honor Wrestling TV Report: Episode #293



The show begins of a brief recap of two weeks again, when Jay Lethal, Silas Young, Jay White, and Adam Page won a wild card eight man tag match in Las Vegas to advance to the main event tonight, where the four of them would battle in a four corner Survival match to determine the No 1 contender for the Ring of Honor World title.

The opening graphic airs. Once again, Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana are on commentary.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia)(with TK O’Ryan) vs. Coast to Coast (Jaheem Ali and LSG)

We get a promo from the Kingdom where Marseglia does all the talking. He says the Kingdom lost their belts, O’Ryan lost his leg, and their heads were falling off. (???) “Congratulations, Coast to Coast. You’re about to star in your first horror film and you’re the victims.” The Kingdom abide by the Code of Honor, but then use the false sense of security to jump Coast to Coast. They worked them over until they charge into stereo boots, then eat stereo dropkicks before C2C lay out Taven with an awesome double hiptoss into a face first slam. A seriously cool double team move. Cabana had a great quip here about how he wished Coast 2 Coast had a manager named Space Ghost. Ali then hits a tope con hilo on both members of the Kingdom, then pulls up Vinny so LSG can (kinda) nail him with a corkscrew pescado. Commercial Break.

BFC, Taven is trying to work Ali’s leg, and Vinny comes to help him, but Ali kicks hard and Taven falls into Vinny and Ali gets the tag. LSG hits Taven with a skytwister press and a Rolling Thunder Lariat, and Ali comes back in and lays out Vinny with a flatliner. He then crotches Vinny and drops him in the tree of woe and C2C looks for their Coast to Coast/Skateboard dropkick combo, but Vinny avoids Ali while Taven catches LGS in mid-air with a superkick. Taven lays out Ali with a headlock driver and Vinny follows with a swanton bomb. Taven covers, but Vinny stops the three count and says to Taven “flap those wings!” We then see when Taven sets Ali up and says “Daniels, that belt is coming to the Kingdom” before hitting the Angels Wings on Ali for the three count. The story there is that Taven is supposed to challenge Daniels for the title in either Milwaukee or somewhere in Michigan (Editors Note – Michigan at War of the World Dearborn May 10th).

Winner: The Kingdom via pinfall

BFC, they show the highlights they showed when the show began last week of the incredible ladder match between the Hardys and The Young Bucks from Supercard of Honor. And then we see the Young Bucks come out to cut a promo. They were wearing the Superkliq T-shirts. Matt put over how they had both the ROH and Superkick Party belts back and all was right with the world, when Nick wondered aloud why they were wearing the shirts they were wearing when Adam Cole tried to kick them out of the Bullet Club. Matt said they had to Cole in the back and all was good, as Bullet Club was for life, right? Matt then said that they had beaten every team and were out of competition, so they would be putting out something of an opening challenge to anytime past, present, and future.

Nick then called out Demolition, The Rock N Roll Express, and Billy and Chuck, while also taking a swipe at the Revival…But then a voice said “Ladies and Gentleman, The Squad has arrived! I’m back!” It’s Mikey and Kenny of the Spirt Squad! Mike Mondo also had a pretty good run in ROH some years back. He said that he had brought his friend Kenny with him and that they had been capturing tag belts all around the globe and said they were now here to take the ROH Tag Belts! Mikey then said if they wanted to make a challenge for next week (they had never specified when), but why not doing it right now! Mikey and Kenny ran in the ring, and promptly ate stereo superkicks! The crowd chanted “Too Sweet” and we have a tag title match for next week. Commercial Break.

BFC, Riaconbi and Cabana recapped the previous incident, and then flashed back to last week when Matt Sydal returned to challenge Marty Scurll for the TV Title. This will take place at World of The Worlds.

“Reborn” Matt Sydal vs. Flip Gordon

Gordon is a great prospect who has been making waves lately. I saw Sydal at a show here in Texas and he looked great. They started with the Code of Honor and then locked up to start the match. Sydal took Gordon over with a side mare into a headlock, but Gordon rolled on his shoulders for a one count and they got back to their feet. They locked up again and this time Gordon grabbed a headlock. Sydal reversed it into a keylock. Gordon went to the ropes and tried to flip out, but Sydal turned into a wristlock. Gordon rolled through and just started doing the Osperay kips to the point Sydal let the hold go and let Gordon kip to his heart’s content. Gordon snapped up and the fans gave him a little ovation and even Sydal gave him props before nailing him with a leg kick. Sydal went for a snapmare, but Gordon landed on his feet.

Matt yelled “c’mon”, but Gordon landed his own leg kick and went for a snapmare, but Sydal rolled through into a cradle for a two count. They came up and Gordon caught him with a dropkick. Sydal came back with a back elbow in the corner and a spinkick, then spread some love for the fans. Sydal tried to whip him into a clothesline, but Gordon ducked it and hit an awesome skytwister into a Sling Blade! Gordon followed with a Pele, then snapmared him into a PK that went straight into a standing Moonsault for a two count. Gordon went up top and Sydal went to cut him off, but Gordon did a 450 to his feet and they launched into a great series of reversals that ended with Sydal nailing Gordon with a headkick, followed by his own standing Moonsault for a two count. They traded reversals again, and Gordon hit an enzugiri but charged right into a jumping knee. Sydal went up top, but Gordon recovered, sprung to the top, and superkicked Sydal while they were both standing on the top rope! Holy Poop! Gordon covered, but Sydal kicked out just before the three count. Gordon lined Sydal in the corner and charged in, but Sydal caught him with an ax kick. Sydal then went up top and hit the Shooting Star Press for the three count.

Winner: Sydal via pinfall

After the match, Sydal was celebrating and Marty Scurll came in and tried to put him in the chicken wing, but Sydal slipped him out and hit him with a head kick. Scurll was left selling on the floor.

Then Ian Riccaboni introduced Adam Cole for an on-stage interview. Cole promptly told Ian to shut up and that no one wanted to listen to him, and then announced it was time to for “Storytime with Adam Cole.” Cole then said he had said some things he didn’t mean in Las Vegas, but he never tried to fire the Young Bucks from the Bullet Club. That meant that the Bullet Club was stronger than ever and he and Cody would prove it when they beat Dalton Castle and Christopher Daniels. He said that wasn’t a promise, not a threat, but just Too Sweet.

We then a recap of Cody’s attack of Christopher Daniels at SCOH, and the interview from last week, when Cody cast the pall of what it would be like from him, an outsider, to win the title. Cody would get his chance in a three-way match at War of the Worlds in New York City, where he would face Daniels and the winner of the main event.

They go to the announce table, where Daniels has joined the announce table, belt and drink in hand. Daniels told Colt that he would have brought him one, but he knew Colt was a Diet Pepsi guy. Priceless.

Silas Young vs. Adam Page vs. Jay White vs. Jay Lethal in a No 1 Contenders Four Way Match

They take what I pray to God will be the last commercial break before this one starts. They all pace before they pair off with Lethal vs Page and Young vs White. Obviously, there will be too much to call here. They schoolboy each other one after another for two count. They do a stereo boot catch on each side, but White and Page disembark and superkick Lethal and Young, and then Page nails White from behind. White comes back with a back elbow and rules the roast for a while, handling all three men until Young caught him a dropkick. Young laid out Lethal with a cutter, but Page came from behind again. Page and White go through a series of reversals until Page hit a clothesline. Page teases a backdrop driver off the top on Lethal, but Young and White cut him off leading a predictable and sloppy Tower of Doom spot. One more commercial break…

BFC, Lethal is lighting up White with strikes until White catches him with a dropkick from hell. White makes the mistake of slapping Lethal and he gets lit up with strikes. Lethal is setting for the Lethal Injection, but Young comes from behind and tosses him to the floor. Young and White trade shots, with Young calling for White to hit him harder, until Young cut him off, hit a second rope back rake (!) and hung him up in the ropes to nail him with a springboard clothesline. Young and Page then trade shots and spit (!), before Young cut him off and hit a rolling Fireman’s carry, but when he went for a headstand, Page superkicked him. White cut off Page with a missile dropkick. Lethal and Young traded blows on the apron until Lethal kicked out his bad knee, but then White sent him and Page to the floor, then nailed them both with a tope! He then followed up with a summersault plancha before yet another commercial!!!

BFC, White hit a flatliner straight into a German suplex on Page, but Lethal broke up the pin. Lethal hit the Lethal Combination on White for a two count. Lethal was looking for Hail to the King, but Young shoved him off the top to the floor, then threw him into the rail. Page hit his flip into a lariat, and went for a backdrop driver, but White countered into a cradle for a two count. Young cut him off and hit handstand Moonsault, but Lethal broke it up. It came down to Lethal and Young trading blows. Young reversed a whip, but Lethal hit him with the Lethal Injection for the three count!

Winner: Lethal via pinfall

After the match, Lethal was celebrating in the ring until Cody appeared on the ramp in Daniel’s Destiny T-Shirt. Daniels then stood on the table with his belt and all three men faced off from a distance as the show ended.

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