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Roman Reigns talks family, the new WWE, and his ‘Spear’




WWE Superstar Roman Reigns visited 106.7 The Fan DC this morning to help hype tonight’s Monday Night RAW, which kicks off live inside of the Verizon Center at 8:00 p.m. ET and can of course be found on the USA Network.

Here were some of the talking points from the interview which you can find below in full broken down into two parts.

Part 1:

• The process of choosing a pro wrestling name.

• Bo Dallas is easily the most ‘wet man’ in WWE.

• His impressive pro wrestling family tree: Anoa’i family tree.

• Similarity to his family members and how he can make his body do the things they do/did.

• Perfection of ‘The Spear’.

• How his body felt after football to how it feels after wrestling.

Part 2:

• Seth Rollins turning on The Shield. Him and Dean are still boys, but on separate agendas.

• Being the good guy or the bad guy. What’s better?

• Reigns gives huge props to Daniel Bryan.

• Is The Miz dead?

• Great quote here: “I’d like to think we’re a little bit old school now. When people talk about the past time of wrestling, how the guys used to be, and there’s all these little stories here and there – I’d like to think we kind of shine in that regard,” Reigns on the new crop of talent (i.e. Wyatt, Rusev, himself, Ambrose, and Rollins).  Check out the second part of the interview at the 6:40 marker for the full quote.

• Roman closes out things with some advice for up and coming wrestlers looking to get into the business.

Roman will be tagging with John Cena and Dean Ambrose against Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt tonight at the Verizon Center. Whether or not this is the main event of the evening or a dark match remains to be seen.

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