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Did playing Pokémon help Ronda Rousey KO Alexis Davis in 16 seconds?



rondapokemonLast week, in an interview with a famous cartoon character, Ronda Rousey revealed to the world her love for Pokémon. Rousey gained an even larger fan base with her comments as Pokémaniac’s everywhere finally have a reason to watch the UFC.

Earlier today on SportsNation, Rousey told host Michelle Beadle that she played Pokémon everyday during her last training camp ahead of her 16-second KO of Alexis Davis. Coincidence? Not likely.

I have a feeling that Ronda is able to synchronize her attacks whenever faced with imminent danger inside of the cage. Come to think of it, I find it kind of suspicious that she’s be able to learn all of these attacks at such an accelerated rate. If we find her teleporting, or utilizing the use of pink bubbles in any of her upcoming fights then we’ll know something is up.