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ShiLounge Episode 25 w/ Paul London



EPISODE 25- (For MATURE audiences only) Former WWE (Smackdown) Tag Team Champion & current Lucha Underground star Paul London & myself sit down for a totally fun interview after a show in Staten Island. To date,this is one of the funniest interviews I’ve ever had so far!

Lots of pure randomness, guaranteed! Subjects also include:

– Singing his entrance theme
– Outfit & codpiece?
– Crotch power?!
– Pre-match exercises
– Bobby Brown
– Longest reigning WWE (Smackdown) Tag Champions
– Being the “smiling guy” before Vince McMahon’s “explosion” in 2007
– His perception of Vince McMahon & Donald Trump
– Melissa Santos & Brian Cage
– His “Broken” feud from 2010
– Teaming with Homicide
– D-ck jokes with Ethan Carter III (EC3)
– Infamous 2005 Royal Rumble elimination by Snitsky
– WrestleCircus
– Being on Lucha Underground
– MVP’s oatmeal recipe
and more


This episode is sponsored by Warriors Of Wrestling & RDP Productions

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Twitter: @LondonFu
Instagram: @LondonFu

Music Guest: Paul London
Song: Never Too Young To Die (Cover)

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