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Speculating on Summerslam 2015




At time of writing, we’re just 10 days away from WWE’s latest marquee event, Battleground. Headlined by a hotly-anticipated WWE Championship match between reigning champion Seth Rollins and The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar, and with the third (hopefully final) installment of Owens/Cena heading up the undercard, there’s little doubting that we’re in for a solid night of action when the company roll into St. Louis, Missouri on July 19th.

Still, let’s face it, as good as Battleground may look on paper, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a mere pit stop en route to WWE’s third biggest attraction of the year; Summerslam.

Since its inception back in 1988, the annual mid-year event has been touted by Vince McMahon & Co. as an event dwarfed only by Wrestlemania itself, one where the big guns are drawn and the company go all out to keep fan interest at a high in the six-month free fall before ‘Mania season.

And though Battleground may be just up ahead, few long-time fans could have failed to notice Summerslam looming in the rear-view mirror, and there should be little doubting that the WWE brain trust are already plotting things out for ‘The Biggest Party of the Summer.’

So, if they’re doing it? Why can’t we? With the show due to take place less just over six weeks from the time your writer sat down to pen this piece, let’s have a little fun and speculate on what could potentially happen at Summerslam 2015.


The Authority implodes
The rumour mill has been in high gear over the last few months with talk of potential in-ring clash between Seth Rollins and Authority head-honcho, Triple H. If there’s ever a time that’s going to happen this year, it’s going to be Summerslam.

Think about it; This is The Game we’re talking about, an on-screen character whose actual pro wrestling matches are sold to us as a special attraction second only to Brock Lesnar taking us for a ride into Suplex City. Rollins/HHH isn’t your standard Raw Main Event fare, hell, it isn’t even second tier pay per view fodder, this is the big time, a match totally befitting what the WWE would have us believe is their second biggest event of the year.

Will it happen? Only time will tell of course, but all signs point to the positive. Consider the ongoing tensions between the champ and the boss over the past few weeks, consider the potential for things to go drastically awry when Rollins locks up with Lesnar next Sunday, and consider how easily the fallout could lead us to a showdown between the Authority leader and its star attraction.

Have Rollins lose the title at Battleground and blame Hunter et all for not coming to the rescue. Have The Game respond in kind that he made Rollins and could just as easily break him. Back and forth we go, and before you know it we’ve got ourselves a main-event level match at Summerslam.


The Beast Conquers
So, if we’re having Lesnar take back his title at Battleground, where does that leave the former UFC champion come Summerslam? Assuming he’s going to be there (and at an event of this supposed magnitude, it’s hard to fathom him being anywhere else), he’s going to need a challenger.

So why not Roman Reigns? Look, few thought the former Shield man could hang with Lesnar at the top of the ‘Mania card, though for all intents and purposes, Reigns proved us wrong, holding his own in what turned out to be a pretty captivating main event.

And sure, that match may be remembered more for Rollins’ cash-in than anything that happened before it, that’s not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to setting up Lesnar/Reigns II. Brock stands tall the Raw after Battleground, Reigns shows up to remind us that he never actually lost to Lesnar, and still doesn’t think Brock can put him away for the three count.

Eager to prove himself wrong, the new champion accepts, and hey presto, there’s your match.


Cena and Owens go their separate ways
Perhaps even more so than the plot woven around the WWE title, Cena vs. Owens has been the hottest storyline in the WWE for the last several months. Yet by the time Summerslam rolls around, it’s likely that the program will have run its course, if not entirely, then at least in terms of the number of times these two can go at it in a one-on-one match.

So, where do they go from here?

Cena being Cena, we could slot him in with anyone from a main event player to bottom-of-the-rung cannon fodder and it would still come up feeling like a big time match. Indeed, in the case of the WWE’s franchise player, there’s any number of options we could take; rekindle the old hatred with Bray Wyatt for example, or team with Neville for a one-time-only deal against a couple of young upstarts from NXT, time will tell on that one.

With the (assumingly) new US champion however, there’s only one clear route to go: Cesaro.

Currently on a roll after his epic match with Cena on Raw recently, the former tag champ proved he’s more than capable of delivering a big-time feel, and having already interjected himself into the Cena/Owens story, this one makes a whole lot of sense whilst at the same time putting itself forward as a potential MOTN candidate.


The inevitable happens
Elsewhere, expect a couple of the company’s ongoing rivalries to find a spot on the Summerslam card. Sheamus/Orton, Ziggler/Rusev and The Bellas/Nobody Cares should all be present and correct this August, filling out the card for the second biggest show of the year.

How we get to that point is anybody’s guess at this stage. Perhaps the only thing we can do now is to sit back, enjoy Battleground, and see what the road to Summerslam has in store for us.

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