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Miesha Tate talks Ronda Rousey: ‘I’m at the best point of my career and she’s at the worst’



UFC women’s bantawmeight champion Miesha Tate was a featured guest on the Conan O’ Brien show last night to help promote the upcoming landmark UFC 200 card on July 9th in Las Vegas. Nothing was off the table for Tate who opened up about being crazy possessive over her new shiny belt and of course was given plenty of time to talk about her arch nemesis, Ronda Rousey.

Tate believes that even though she’s been submitted twice by Rousey (she lost her Strikeforce title to her via armbar in early 2012 and suffered the same fate in late 2013 in their UFC 168 rematch) the outcome will be different the next time the two elite fighters lock up. “I’m at the best point of my career and she’s at the worst,’ Tate said.

The champ would go on to say that Rousey seems “awfully pouty” about her loss to Holm last November  and that you can either “get up and get back on your horse and come back stronger for it or you sit out for over a year,” taking a shot at Rousey’s extended layoff.

All of the Rousey talk aside, Tate made it clear that she’s staying focused on her current opponent, Amanda Nunes, and that she does not want to overlook her heading into her first title defense. Tate will fight Nunes on the PPV portion of UFC 200, which begins at 10 pm ET on July 9th and also features two other title bouts along with two monster heavyweight fights – one of which will feature the return of WWE superstar Brock Lesnar.

Here’s a bonus clip of Tate talking about her fans and friends requesting her to put them asleep.

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