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The King of Catchphrases




For two decades, Chris Jericho has been a master of catchphrases. His very first words as a WWE Superstar became one of his most popular numbers on the mic.

“Welcome to…RAW…Is….Jericho!”

Jericho’s ability to get a catchphrase over should be atop his Hall of Fame resume. That section of the resume would be quite difficult to create if he attempted to list all of the catchphrases he’s put into wrestling lore, but if anyone can make a good list…

“Arm bar!”

His catchphrases have appeared in many periods of wrestling history. The above referenced “Arm bar” barely scratches the surface of his WCW days…

“Ask him!”
“Don’t you boo me!”
“Come on, baby!”

(Ripping fans’ signs in half gets half-credit as a catchphrase)

Of course he brought along a few gems to WWE, beyond welcoming us to RAW is Jericho:

All hail the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah

He often takes time away from the ring, but his returns usually bring new entries into the Book of Jericho:

Save us Y2J” (average at best, but it worked at the time)

Chris Jericho’s current run in 2016 has quietly become a showcase of this particular skill. It’s a heel version of Jericho, and he’s still trying to cash those checks on the microphone.

Drink it in. It’s a dickhead version of the five second pose, which fits this version of Y2J perfectly.

Stupid Idiot!. This is the current champion. The simplicity of it is genius, and his tone sells it perfectly. If you close your eyes, you can imagine it, right? Ambrose, you stupid idiot!!!!

A catchphrase is almost like a miniature wrestling character. Not everyone has to like it; they just have to know it. If they are reacting, then it’s working. Two weeks ago, NXT was in Seattle, WA. It was small venue filled with rowdy, smart fans that you might expect to turn a cheek at Chris Jericho’s work in 2016. “Stupid Idiot” and “Come on, baby” were regularly yelled from the crowd. Love it or hate it, we all can’t help but drink it in.

Addendum – An Open Letter to WWE

Dear WWE,

Can we please get a “Stupid Idiot” t-shirt? I would really appreciate it. It doesn’t have to be much; just a silhouette of Jericho on the mic screaming “Stupid Idiot.” Or, just the words “Stupid Idiot.” Put a scarf graphic around the neck, I don’t care. We work hard, and watch a lot of wrestling. A t-shirt that reads “Stupid Idiot” would be a great reward. It wouldn’t be the most over-the-top piece of merchandise out there. I have thought about buying a plastic unicorn horn, for crying out loud.

Anyway, just thought I’d put it out there. No pressure.  Thanks!

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