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UFC Fight Night 44’s Can’t Miss Fight: Ellenberger vs. Moontasri



moontasribergerNever bet against a man who can do a mean Moonwalk inside of the cage (see – Anderson Silva). James “The Moon Waker” Moontasri has been called upon to take on Jake “The Juggernaut” Ellenberger’s twin brother Joe “Excalibur” Ellenberger on just 10 days notice in what will also be his UFC debut.

Nobody wants to fight Joe. I honestly lost count of how many fighters were linked with him on this card. Thanks to Moontasri, we will finally be able to see Ellenberger’s UFC debut.

It’s tough to root against Joe Ellenberger when you look at his story. In 2009, Ellenberger was diagnosed with the rare blood disease PNH. According to studies, 50% of the folks with this disease are not likely to live for more than 10 years after they are diagnosed. Obviously this has not stopped Ellenberger. He’s gone 4-1 since he first learned about his illness. On Saturday, he has a tough test ahead of him in his first of what will hopefully be many fights under the UFC banner.

Moontasri is responsible for the nastiest KO of the year in MMA thus far. There is no debating. Just ask his latest opponent Jordan Rinaldi.

Fast forward to the 7:52 marker to prepare yourself for the Michael Schiavello approved Big Kabosh.

We go back to March of 2012 to see how Ellenberger came back to the first loss of his career. Once again, it’s Schiavello on the call, and once again – the finish is nasty. Enjoy.

The main card of UFC Fight Night 44 ‘Swanson vs. Stephens’ begins at 10 p.m. ET and Moostari versus Ellenberger will be kicking things off. I’m not going to lie to you guys, Swanson versus Stephens is a fight you do not want to miss. That said, if someone put a gun to my head and said I could only watch one fight on this card – I’d pick Moontasri-Ellenberger. Luckily that is not likely to happen and we can all watch every fight on this card together. This article is just to warn you not to show up late to your FS1 Fight Night viewing party, unless you want everyone bragging to you about what you just missed.