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Unsanctioned Podcast: Dan Severn Episode



Whether you know him as a mixed martial arts legend, a professional wrestler, or an actor, Dan Severn is a “beast” across the board. Severn pulls no punches as he discusses his storied career with Unsanctioned’s Luis Vasquez and Jae Holland.
Topics include:
– Whether he thinks Brock Lesnar is clean or not. 
– What a young Goldberg thanked him for.
– Working with Jim Cornette.
– Business deals gone wrong with Ken Shamrock, closing the door on any potential rematch.
– Wanting one more shot at Royce Gracie and not appreciating his arrogance.
– How the WWF roster viewed him backstage during the Attitude Era and what he said to them to change that.
– His four years as NWA Champion and if he still owns the belt.
– Working non-exclusive contracts wherever he went, including for Vince McMahon.
– On never being in a real street fight before, and what he did to take it a step further when a bar patron challenged him to a fight.
– His time with Owen Hart.
– And much more!
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