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Want Stephanie McMahon’s digits?




There’s always a headline or three you could run with when Chael Sonnen visits with Michael Landsberg. The TSN journalist’s current favorite interviewee once again gave us another performance to talk about when he talked to Landsberg yesterday about current events like his coaching stint opposite Wanderlei Silva on TUF Brazil. What really caught Landsberg off guard though was Chael’s answer to his question about the current status of his friend CM Punk.

As you may well Punk walked out on the company recently and aside from constant rumors it appears that he will not return anytime soon. In the WWE Universe though, anything could happen. Punk returning next Monday is just as probable as him never wrestling again. We really have no idea.

When Landsberg asked Chael he admitted that he did not know if his friend would be wrestling at WrestleMania 30, a landmark event for the company that is now just weeks away. He did flash the cell phone number (a legit one) for someone who did know though Check out the interview in full by following this link.