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WWE ‘Money in the Bank’ $100 Kountermove Freeroll



mitb2014You already know where to find the best Fantasy MMA games on the internet . What if I told you that you could play fantasy WWE games on the same website. It’s ok. My head exploded as well the first time I heard it. I’ll give you a minute to get some windex and paper towel to clean your brain matter off of your laptop.

Fight Booth is tickled to be partnering with Kountermove for a game for this Sundays money in the bank PPV. You can join our $100 Money in the Bank PPV freeroll by clicking the following link:

Fight Booth Kountermove $100 WWE Money in the Bank Freeroll

So how exactly does Fantasy WWE work exactly? First let’s explain the importance of this particular PPV.

There are two ladder matches at this PPV. The first one will be the traditional MITB ladder match where a briefcase holding a contract that can be cashed in at any time for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be hanging above the ladder to be had by one of seven superstars. The second one will be for the WWE World Heavyweight championship itself that was vacated by Daniel Bryan due to injury. This easily makes this years MITB PPV the second most important pro wrestling event of the year behind WrestleMania 30.

How does Kountermove score WWE events? Here’s an explanation directly from the site:

Strikes: .5 points – including with weapons and foreign objects (chairs, etc.)

“Big Move”: 3 points – any clear big move (e.g. Clothesline, Jumping off the top rope, signature move)

“2 Count” Pin: 3 points – an attempted pin for 2 count = 3 points.

Finishes and multiple finishes: “finish” = a 3 second pin, and is worth 50 points. Full points are also awarded for any pins to any unscheduled opponents. For example, if a fighter pins his scheduled opponent AND also an unscheduled opponent makes an appearance and they are pinned too, then that fighter receives points for both of the pins (2 x 50 = 100 points).

Extra opponents: All opponents — scheduled or unscheduled (i.e., all ladder match opponents, girlfriends, managers or unscheduled wrestling rivals or other) count towards points — wrestlers receive points for stats generated anytime during the event’s broadcast, even if it’s from wrestling with multiple or unscheduled opponents.

So, based on all of the moving parts heading into this event, and there are plenty of them, let’s break things down into three categories.

Best Bang For Your Buck:

You have $25,000 to spend on your team, which consists of five players. Right now, that makes Kane at $4,000 the cheapest play – and he’s worth it. Kane is the lone big man in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match which means he will take a lot of bumps but he will also get his and is likely to score plenty of choke slams on the smaller guys. He’s going to see a lot of action. And guys, Kane could actually win this thing. The WWE still feels that they have unfinished business with Kane and Daniel Bryan, and when Bryan returns he will be put right back into the title picture. Why not give Daniel Bryan another “Yes!” moment at Summerslam by putting having him bury the Demon Kane alive in the Main Event. I like this pick a lot considering the price. It almost gives you the freedom to pick whomever you want to fill out the rest of your roster.

Dean Ambrose at $4,800 is a lock for some big points. I have “The Lunatic Fringe” and his old pal Seth Rollins as the top two – scratch that – the only two guys who have a shot at that briefcase. These two will be attached at the hip, a la Rhodes and Sandow after their breakup last year, for a few months, at least. Rollins wants Ambrose right where he can see him and that’s the reason he’s in this match to begin with. Will he regret it? That’s the $4,800 question I’m willing to take a gamble on.

Looking over both ladder matches, John Cena at $4,500 is the best bang for your buck. John Cena has to be the favorite heading into 9 out of 10 matches he’s in during the SuperCena era. He’s the familiar face that could help bridge the gap for the WWE until Daniel Bryan returns. You also have Cena closing in on Ric Flair’s record for most World Titles, a record he’ll top sooner rather than later. Cena doesn’t need a belt of any kind to be put in the big matches, but putting one on him never hurts from a company standpoint. Personally, I’m not a big fan of it – but it is what it is. Cena at $4,500 is a fantastic play. Cena and Bryan put on a stellar match at SummerSlam just one year ago and a sequel to get Bryan the title back in L.A. wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.


Did any of you guys see Jack Swagger ($4,600) winning the Elimination Chamber last year to earn a title shot against Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania 29? Me neither. Put a briefcase in the hands of Swagger and Colter and you bring some legitimacy back to a character that’s been tired for quite some time now.

Cesaro ($4,900) was an early favorite when he first won he qualifier against RVD all the way back on June 9th. Talks have calmed down a bit and people seem to be leaning more towards the rest of the field (minus Del Rio and Sheamus). Cesaro, Wyatt, and Reigns represent the “New-Old Skool” of the WWE. These are three guys that are making things exciting again for the fans and you can count on all three of them holding the world title at some time or another. Whether or not that time is this coming Sunday for one of them remains to be seen. You cannot count any of them out.

If Luke Harper ($5,300) and Erick Rowan ($5,300) take the tag titles from The Usos early on in the night then Bray Wyatt ($4,800) becomes a legit threat to take the WWE World Heavyweight title. The Wyatt Family is the perfect heel trio to carry the company heading into SummerSlam. I don’t see the WWE making this move if they wouldn’t even let him beat Cena in a two out of three trilogy. However, it’s certainly something that I believe would only help the company heading into the late Summer with the returns of Bryan and Lesnar. It’s a risky pick.

The Old Reliables:

Randy Orton at $4,700 is another safe and solid play. He’s going to be right in the thick of things and he’s going to get plenty of signature move action. The Authority coming out with their two golden boys (Orton and Rollins) on Monday night holding the straps and the briefcase could be the kind of storyline HHH needs to stay relevant. And we all know Hunter loves to stay relevant. Plus, Orton needs to stay in that title picture to stay relevant himself. And the only way for that to happen is for him to have the title itself. He’s not the sexiest pick right now heat wise. But he’s Randy Orton. Never count him out.

While Rob Van Dam may be a little pricey $5,100 it’s well warranted. The traditional briefcase match will be the more action packed, high-flying, fast paced match out of the two; RVD will thrive. He always does. He also looked great on the mic on Monday night for the first time in FOREVER. Could RVD be Mr. Money in the Bank once again?

Stay Away:

You may have already heard the Bad News. Wade Barrett  ($4,500) separated his shoulder during the taping for Friday Night Smackdown on Tuesday night which means he may not be able to compete on Sunday night. If he can, don’t expect him to take many risks. Barrett was my number #3 right behind Rollins and Ambrose before the Tuesday. This untimely injury knocks him down to Kofi territory for me. Speaking of…

At $5,000, Kofi Kingston is the worst play on this card. He will get his trademark Kofi spot(s) but that’s really about all he’ll get. Kofi is not a $5K caliber guy at this point in his career.

Alberto Del Rio at $4,800 is another bad play. Del Rio winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday night would be more of a shocker than Paul Heyman’s client ending The Streak. He’s merely there to fill a spot.

Money in the Bank kicks off at 8:00 p.m. ET on Sunday night live on the WWE Network. You can catch the kick off show, featuring the first interview with Daniel Bryan since being stripped of the title, on the same Network, YouTube, Twitter, the WWE app, Facebook, Pheed, Google + and Pinterest beginning at 7:30 p.m. ET. 

Visit Kountermove for all of your Fantasy MMA, Kickboxing and WWE needs.