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WWE NXT #386 (04.05.17) Play-by-Play and Review



You can scroll to the end for a TLDR recap of the show.

This show will probably be a little light on substance since it’ll just mostly recap TakeOver and show the dark matches that were taped.

The show opens with a musical recap of NXT TakeOver: Orlando this past Saturday. That was a really good show, by the way, so go watch it if you haven’t already. Tonight, NXT is coming to you from the Amway Center for a few matches taped prior to TakeOver. On the docket for tonight: Heavy Machinery versus The Bollywood Boyz and Oney Lorcan versus a Mystery Opponent.

Match #1: Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) v. Aliyah

Royce is arrogant early on and throws Aliyah down and slaps her head. There’s a Let’s Go Peyton chant, so that’s promising for the white meat babyface. Aliyah tackles her and hits a neckbreaker off the ropes. Peyton tries to crawl to Billie Kay, but Aliyah stomps on Billie’s hand. That gives Peyton time to catch her with a big kick. Peyton takes over with kicks and punches while continuing to be a little carefree. Royce locks in a submission in the ropes, but has to break the hold. Royce continues to slap Aliyah around, but there’s just no crowd reaction to urge Aliyah to make a comeback.

Aliyah makes her comeback anyway and hip tosses Royce right onto her own leg, which probably didn’t feel good. Aliyah gets kicked in the knee and Royce hits her with the Perfect-Plex and that’s good for the win.

Winner: Peyton Royce via pinfall

Thoughts: Whew. Peyton Royce was fine as usual. It was a glorified squash match to continue trying to build some credibility. After showing some promise the last time I saw her, Aliyah was pretty lackluster. I’m not sure I would feature her on television quite yet. At least until she gets a little more polished and is able to showcase some kind of character. Something. Maybe just use her on live events?

Backstage Promo: Asuka is backstage after her TakeOver match. She is asked who is next? Asuka says, “Who’s left?” and laughs as she walks away.

Update: Tom Phillips shows an Instagram post from Andrade Almas hours after his TakeOver match and he’s partying with some women in a club. Phillips emphasizes that Almas may be too focused on his nightlife and not enough on his NXT career after a string of losses. So it seems Almas will have some sort of angle moving forward based around that.

NXT TakeOver: Orlando play-by-play and and review

Match#2: Heavy Machinery v. The Bollywood Boyz

Harv is in there first against Tucker Knight. Harv inexplicably tries a shoulder tackle. That went as you’d expect. Harv comes off the second rope into the bear hug spot. Otis tags in and inherits the bear hug. Harv breaks the hold and delivers a back elbow to Otis. Harv walks right into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, though. Gurv is in there now and he’s doing a squatting dance, so Otis punches him with a straight left to the mouth. Knight enters and he and Otis sandwich Gurv and try to fire up the crowd to no avail. They give each other a chest bump and that draws a small crowd pop for whatever reason.

Otis gets trapped in the corner and gets worked over by Gurv and Harv. They try a suplex on Otis, but he reverses it and suplexes them both. Knight gets a hot tag and cleans house. Knight avalanches each Bollywood Boy in the corner and then one of them is picked up for a slam by Otis. Knight hits the ropes and jumps on Otis’s back as he falls forward to crush the Bollywood Boy. That’s the end. 

Winners: Heavy Machinery via pinfall

Thoughts: It was what it was. Very similar to the match they had last week. I still think the gimmick is kind of dumb and I don’t think it has much of a future, but what do I know?

Backstage Promo: Oney Lorcan says he doesn’t know who his opponent is and it doesn’t matter. Lorcan says he’s here to compete, do his job, and win.

Backstage Promo: Paul Ellering and the Authors of Pain are backstage after the TakeOver match. Ellering says the win was a vindication and the Authors will be a dynasty. That triple threat tag team match was excellent, by the way.

Recap: A very long package of Roode versus Nakamura is shown. Following that, there is a recap of Nakamura’s NXT signing through his final match at TakeOver. That almost brought a tear to my eye. Almost. In case you live under a rock, Nakamura can now be seen on SmackDown Live.

Backstage Promo: Roode is backstage after his TakeOver match and says he did what he said he would do. Roode says this is only the beginning of Bobby Roode’s NXT.

Update: Drew McIntyre is backstage at TakeOver and WWE cameras caught up to him. Long story short, he says he wants the NXT Championship. Bobby Roode’s next opponent? Additionally, Drew McIntyre will be on NXT next week in an unspecified capacity. I hate reading spoilers, so I don’t know.

Match #3: Oney Lorcan v. El Vagabundo

Oh my God, El Vagabundo has a guitar. The Drifter is back!! It’s Elias Samson just with a mask on, but in all his Drifter gear. I love it. El Vagabundo wants to play a song. Big crowd pop for Vagabundo. Samson asks, “Who wants to walk with El Vagabundo?” There’s a big Si! Si! Si!chant. Vagabundo has decided to write everyone here a song. It is awful and insulting and Oney stops him. Oney gets booed for stopping the song. Oney says he knows this is the Drifter, but the crowd says No! No! No! Lorcan says to drift away as the crowd boos that, too. A ‘Vagabundo’ chant picks up as Vagabundo kicks Lorcan in the gut and hands his guitar to the ring announcer.

Vagabundo mauls a stunned Lorcan in the corner as the bell rings. Vagabundo is over with the TakeOver crowd as NXT goes to break. Back from break, Vagabundo hits a running kick to Lorcan. Vagabundo connects with some chops and an avalanche in the corner. Here comes an Ole chant. Vagabundo hits a suplex and gets a near fall. Vagabundo misses another avalanche attempt. Lorcan goes corner to corner to smash Vagabundo in the corner. Eight times. Like some annoying kid on WWE 2K17 online that uses the same damn move over and over. Vagabundo recovers and goes for a slam, but Lorcan tears the mask off.

Yes, it’s the Drifter. The Drifter is incensed, but Lorcan hits a rolling Blockbuster and picks up the win. After the match, security shows up and she forcibly removes Samson from ringside.

Winner: Oney Lorcan via pinfall

Thoughts: Someone may have miscalculated on this a bit. It did Oney Lorcan no favors since the Drifter is kind of getting over. I’m hard to please and I got a kick out of El Vagabundo and I empathize with Samson. I hope this leads to a few more funny spots like this before Samson moves on or gets repackaged. Anyway, this wasn’t a great show. Nothing is really must see. If anything, I’d recommend the little Roode/Nakamura video they showed late in the show and maybe El Vagabundo’s pre-match stuff.


  • Peyton Royce beat Aliyah
  • Heavy Machinery beat The Bollywood Boyz
  • Oney Lorcan beat El Vagabundo/Elias Samson

Advertised Next Week

  • Drew McIntyre will be at Full Sail
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