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2014 Fight Booth WWE Awards: Betrayal of the Year




2014 Betrayal of the Year: Rollins turns on his brothers, destroys The Shield

“The teases kept coming, we knew it was inevitable. Ambrose was getting too crazy. Reigns was emerging and could be seen as a solo powerhouse. But that moment in the ring on Monday Night Raw when Seth Rollins hit the chairshot heard round the world was absolutely heartbreaking. Even in video clips of this moment, you hear a fan yelp ‘NOOO!’ just before the deed is done – a signal that this betrayal was truly impactful. The Shield dominated a roster full of established Superstars for nearly 2 years, so seeing Rollins pull the pin and blow it all up seemed ridiculous or too early…but the silver lining in all of this is that the company and its fans now have THREE new legitimate players poised to make the roster beg for mercy in 2015 and beyond.” – Kyle Caruso

“We all knew it was coming. It was just a matter of when and how.” – Alex Reno

“We all knew it was coming eventually, but daaaang.” – Michele Caruso

“Started the roll for Rollins. That said, Owens and Zayn is going to be magical.” – Dan Rose

“In the spirit of full disclosure, I was at the movies when this happened. As an unabashed obsessed Shield fan, I was devastated – but not surprised. Mostly, I was thrilled to know it was Seth who turned on his brothers, and not the assumed Dean/Roman fight we were all expecting.” – Lady J

“Honestly, I always thought it’d be Ambrose. So seeing Rollins do it was a complete shocker. And I loved it. Rollins got my vote for the top heel of 2014 and Ambrose became that fan favorite face who could turn at any given moment. As for Reigns, well, let’s just say it’s become clear how valuable Rollins and Ambrose were to his development. Rollins and Ambrose have done just fine since the break up. In hindsight, maybe The Shield should’ve stuck together a little longer to get Reigns fully over. Regardless, it has been written. And it’s a moment that not only will forever in infamy, but will grow more and more important as we watch these three superstars develop into world champions right in front of our eyes in the years to come. ” – Dave Reno

“Hey, fellow writers- If Big Show wins, I riot.” – Matt Addie


Runner Up: Owens makes a statement, obliterates his best friend and new champion Sami Zayn

“Sure, most people will probably pick Rollins turning on the Shield. It makes sense, it set up a large part of this years’ television and kicked off a sweet feud between Rollins and Ambrose, but as I said under Newcomer of the Year, Kevin Owens shot to the top of NXT in ONE day because of this betrayal. And as I said under Show of the Year, it was the top Indy moment IN the ring (hugging Sami) and the top Indy moment OUT of the ring (obliterating Sami) in WWE. We all want Sami v. Owens. We don’t want them as friends. One of my favorite Indy matches ever was their Ladder Wars match in ROH for Final Battle 2012. If you’ve never seen it, go and watch it. Sami and Owens have an unmatched chemistry in the ring, and we’re all going to be freaking out when they finally are given 20-30 minutes at the end of an NXT show to go balls to the wall.” – Chris Langevin¬†