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2014 Fight Booth WWE Awards: Diva of the Year




2014 Diva of the Year: Paige

“AJ is the best wrestler, but she’s not a diva in my opinion. Paige is also damn near non-diva as well, but she wins this year. Look out for Charlotte next year.” – Dan Rose

“Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: NXT Women’s Champion enters WWE and wins their Divas Championship in her first match. Nuff said.” – Dave Reno


Runner Up: Charlotte

“It’s no great shock to any FightBooth reader that I’m a huge NXT mark. But Charlotte is certainly head and shoulders above the rest of the women, even on the main roster. Not only is she “genetically superior” by way of her Dad, Ric Flair, but her talents both in the ring and on the mic put Charlotte in a class of her own. She’s got integrity and she’s got skill. That’s a future WWE Diva’s Champion right there.” – Lady J

“Charlotte is the only diva on this list that’s been spotlighted and constantly delivers stellar matches. She is on top of her game and hopefully the WWE realizes what they have with her, because if given a real program on the main roster, she could be in the Lita/Trish category.” – Chris Langevin


Honorable Mention: Nikki Bella

“Nikki Bella is hands down the best Diva. She is a beast, and not because she’s the ‘bigger’ Bella, but because she gets the job done. She is the only thing I find tolerable about Total Divas, her sisterly moments with Daniel Bryan are adorable and she has just enough vulnerability to temper her Cena’s Princess act. Love, love, love her.” – Michele Caruso

“I really, really, really wanted to vote for Charlotte. She has been ripping it up at NXT, and I mean, she’s Ric Flair’s daughter. Her theme music alone should get her the nod. That said, Nikki has become a legitimate wrestler. Her new finisher is one of the best moves in today’s WWE; man or woman. I mean, that Rack Attack is #BetterThanLuger’s.” – Matt Addie