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2014 Fight Booth WWE Awards: Tag Team of the Year



Our all-star panel of ten wrestling aficionado’s took the time to fill out our 2nd annual Fight Booth year-end awards WWE ballot and some even decided to write down why they believed their pick was the right pick. The pick to award an athlete, a team, an event, or even a moment with a piece of hardware that actually means something.

This isn’t the Slammy Awards, doofus. This is the real deal. And we kick things off tonight with the 2014 tag team of the year award.


Your Winners: The Miz (R) and Damien Mizdow (L) – it’s extremely difficult to tell them apart

The Usos are like Double-John Cena’s for me, too smiley and upbeat, I hate that. I like the idea of the Ascension, but they are kind of boring. The looks on their faces when Finn Balor made his R Evolution entrance was hilarious, though. Cody Rhodes was a much-needed shot of weirdness for THIS BUSINESS, he is gold as his alter ego Stardust, and Goldust will always have a place in my heart, but this honor will have to go to The Miz and Mizdow. Damien Sandow gets it. I don’t know if it was WWE’s plan all along, but I like to think Sandow organically became our hero and we cheered for him not out of some calculated scheme from the higher-ups, but because we get it, too. They so desperately want The Miz to succeed and pairing him with someone who could turn a crowd on a dime is the only way it could happen. Nobody wants to like the Miz. STOP TRYING TO MAKE THE MIZ HAPPEN.” – Michele Caruso

“I’m torn here, because on paper, it should be The Usos. When The Usos beat the New Age Outlaws for the titles, it got a huge pop from my living room couch. Regardless, this choice is a total “what have you done for me, lately” vote. I bought stock in Mizdow early, wrote about it, and haven’t looked back since. If this ends in a singles bout where the winner gets both tag team titles, I’d freak out. I mean, really freak out. Team Stunt Double!”Matt Addie

“Mizdow. It’s all about Mizdow. He is how you do comedic wrestling. It shouldn’t takeaway from the match, but instead be a side note that compliments it. He’s done great while given shit to work with. Props.”Chris Langevin


Runner Up: The Usos

“Yes the fans are clearly behind Damien Sandow’s latest incarnation, but this category is about PARTNERS and The Miz is still the most underwhelming talent on the main roster – a factor that won’t sway my vote for Team Hollywood here. The Ascension aren’t there yet – they’ve got their Powers of Pain vibe down pat and definitely look the part, but despite their success in NXT, they’re still not a contender to be crowned Tag Team of the Year. Cody Rhodes’ pure devotion to Stardust and seeing him finally slap hands with his brother definitely has made watching TV much more interesting, but my vote is for The Usos. I joke now and call them Tag Team Cena because of their tiring smiles and colorful child-friendly outfits, but initially it was refreshing to see those matching trunks and a true tag team spirit lift them to eventual success. In the midst of This Guy & That Guy partnerships, The Uso Brothers slowly took over the ranks, earned their gold and rightfully became the embodiment of what tag team wrestling should look like on a weekly basis.”Kyle Caruso

“Miz and Mizdow come on strong late, but the Usos were too good all year.”Dan Rose

“The Usos were the one constant during what was a below average year for tag teams in the WWE. When they finally won the tag team straps in March it was as much well deserved as it was a magical moment for the Fatu brothers. This is a tag team that will no doubt be in the conversation as one of, if not thee best tag team of this decade when it’s all said and done.”Dave Reno


Honorable Mention: Gold and Stardust

“As much as I love the Mizdow character, the team that I think performed the best as a whole are The Brothers Dust. I don’t know what Dream was feeding those kids, but put a little make-up on them and they really shine.”Lady J

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