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2015 PW Awards: Female Wrestler of the Year




Winner: Sasha Banks

“Sasha Banks was undoubtedly the woman who spearheaded the “Divas’ Revolution” and showed the people with pull in WWE that women’s wrestling is something that can be just as compelling as when the men get in the ring. Banks’ body of work in 2015 is beyond impressive. From winning the NXT Woman’s Championship in a fatal four-way against Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Charlotte at NXT TakeOver: Rival to headlining NXT TakeOver: Respect with Bayley in the Iron Woman match, Sasha Banks has played an huge part in putting the wrestling world on notice in 2015, and prepared them for what’s possible for 2016 and beyond.” – Ryan Mathews

“Since I gave Bayley the award for Face of the Year, I have to give it up to Sasha Banks as Women’s Wrestler of the Year. Sasha started the year out by defeating Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Bayley in a Fatal-Four Way match to win the NXT Championship. She then held that championship for 192 days, until she was defeated by Bayley in Brooklyn. She then was moved to the WWE’s main roster (even though we barely see her… COME ON VINCE!) And then, to top it all off, her and Bayley headlined an NXT Takeover, which is the first time two women have headlined a major WWE show since Lita and Trish Stratus, and they did it in an IronMan match. Every match she was in this year was gold, she had a huge debut on Raw, and then had two match of the year candidates in her contests with Bayley. I think Sasha Banks has a VERY bright future if Vince gets out of her way, and 2015 is just the beginning for her.”  – Chris Langevin

“We Want Sasha is a real thing. Remember those Daniel Bryan chants? This could grow into something similar…” – Matt Addie

“The legit boss is a tremendous heel and more importantly, she knows how to be a star.” – Jim LaMotta

“Two words sum up this category, Sasha Banks. Her match with Bayley at Takeover Brooklyn was a masterpiece, and she’s an incredible talent. I can not wait to see what 2016 brings for her. She’s one of the main reasons to watch WWE going forward, and her role has to expand and she’ll wear the championship gold in 2016. She’s the Boss, for a reason.” – Dan Rose

“They don’t call her The Boss for nothing.” – Lady J

“Out of the 12 members of our panel, 10 voted for Sasha Banks, 1 for Bayley and 1 for Sexy Star. Banks has now taken home a record 4 Fight Booth PW Awards in one year. When you look at NXT and women’s wrestling in 2015 there’s one common theme – it’s Sasha. We had the Fatal 4-way match at Rival where she won the title; the match at Unstoppable that put Becky Lynch on the map as far as the “Universe” is concerned, and of course the two instant classics between her and Bayley. 2015 was the year of women’s wrestling and Sasha Banks led the charge.” – Dave Reno


Runner Up (tie): Bayley

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Runner Up (tie): Sexy Star

“Not only can Sexy Star wrestle against some of the most amazing women in wrestling, but she can hold her own with the men too. When I first saw Sexy Star wrestle a man in the ring I was afraid. I didn’t know if it was a good idea, if we should promote men physically fighting women, but she is so strong and fast in the ring it never looked uncomfortable. By the end of season 1 of Lucha Underground I couldn’t imagine the women of LU just wrestling other women. I see women wrestlers in a new light. I see the women of other promotions in a new way, its a new bar I have set in my mind for them, could they get in a ring with a guy and make it look good and believable? Or do they need to only wrestle other women to be able to pull it off? It’s a line I’ve never even considered before. I’m so thankful for Sexy Star and the other women of LU and AAA for showing me that equal can actually mean equal, even in a wrestling ring.” – Andrea Mitchell