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2015 PW Awards

2015 PW Awards: Moment of the Year




Winner: Rollins cashes in at WrestleMania

“This was without a doubt the hardest one to choose for me. As I’ve already mentioned a few times, Bayley beating Sasha Banks was the loudest crowd reaction that I have heard in a WWE event in a very long time. When Kevin Owens beat John Cena clean in his debut, it was the first time that I had been legitimately shocked and speechless when watching a WWE match in a VERY long time… but there is something about Seth Rollins cashing in MITB that stands above the rest. I mean, first and foremost, it’s Wrestlemania. There is this aura around having a Wrestlemania moment, and when you’re a young wrestler and you’re standing above two of the biggest stars holding the biggest title in the business, it’s a pretty damn important moment for the year. This moment set the tone for the year and established Seth as the biggest heel in the business for most of the year (until injury). I think WWE having to hit reset with the negative reactions to Roman ultimately gave us a really awesome moment and I still get goosebumps when I hear Seth’s music hit during this match.” – Chris Langevin

“Probably the best booked main event finish in company history.” – Stephen Gutteridge

“Rollins cashes in “The moment of the year that changed the direction of the biggest company in the wrestling world. Heading into WM 31 many people assumed that Reigns would get the belt and the crowd would probably still be booing. But, WWE took the leap and had the much anticipated WM cash in. Rollins took the title and had a good run with it until he was sidelined. In retrospect, it all came together well as the fans didn’t mutiny when Reigns won the belt a few weeks ago.” – Jim LaMotta


Runner Up: Vampiro tests Pentagon Jr.

“Oh My God! This match/feud blew my mind. I always try to guess where a story line is going, or whats going to happen at the end of a match and I never saw this coming. I know so many fans will be with me on this one. It was shocking.” – Andrea Mitchell

“This was the best payoff in professional wrestling that I’ve ever been lucky enough to witness. This is how you reward your fans for tuning in week after week.” – Dave Reno

“I had to give Lucha Underground a vote, here. This match was insane…on so many levels. A veteran coming out of semi-retirement to put on a match like that deserves respect on its own. They told a story, had high-level spots, and had me chanting holy sh** in my living room. Sometimes, I get the opportunity to show my wife a match, to “explain” why I enjoy professional wrestling. I showed her this match. She had to turn away several times at the violent spots, but could not stop watching the story being told. That is what wrestling/sports entertainment is all about. These guys gave it everything.” – Matt Addie


Honorable Mention: Owens beats Cena clean in WWE debut

“If nothing else, I was certainly shocked that Kevin Owens beat John Cena clean in his first WWE PPV match. But it was also an exciting match, and really gave the WWE Universe something to sink their teeth into at a time when the rest of the roster was being booked so poorly.” – Lady J

image credit – Rolling Stone

* award formerly known as Feat of the Year

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