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2016 PW Awards

2016 PW Awards: Best Mic Worker



Winner: Chris Jericho

“I almost went with The Miz here…and if he continues what he did over the past few months, he’ll run away with the title in 2017. But Jericho was phenomenal this year. Forget his recent run with Kevin Owens, which has been so good that the easy transition that people thought Seth Rollins would have to face became impossible. He carried that feud with Dean Ambrose, and was a big reason why AJ Styles was able to get to the top as quickly as he did. For a guy who has been known for mic work all of his life, you could make a case that 2016 is his best year ever.” – Aaron Oster

“Chris Jericho won this award, sitting cross-legged on a ladder in a scarf. He had so many great moments in 2016, and he works the mic like a champion. I love Bray Wyatt’s delivery, but the WWE has rendered him more of less an afterthought. Y2J, easy!” – Dan Rose

Runner Up: The Miz

“I wish it were possible to get the Miz to cut his own promo on why he’s the best on the mic, as I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to do him justice. But suffice it to say that, when the history books are written and the performers we know & love today are all long retired, the final word on the Miz will be that he was the best. If you needed to get over in WWE, you hoped & prayed they put you on Miz TV or in a feud with him, because if the Miz has a mic in his hand, whatever comes next will be straight fire. The promo game is getting much, much better these days (a lot of great work is coming out of the UK right now, in fact) but way up at the top of the mountain still sits some wrestling super-fan who got his start in reality TV, leaving all others in the dust.” – Lady J

Honorable Mention: Adam Cole

“Since joining the Bullet Club and having epic feuds with Jay Lethal and Kyle O’Reilly in Ring of Honor, Adam has really honed into his great mic skills and proved why he is one of the best heels in the business right now. His ‘Story Time’ segment is one of favorite promos of the year.” – Canadace Kidd

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