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2016 PW Awards

2016 PW Awards: Best Non-Wrestler



Winner: Dario Cueto

“There’s really no contest that Dario Cueto is the greatest character to be created by professional wrestling. He doesn’t exist in the “real world”, so unlike Vince McMahon or Dixie Carter, his real-life story doesn’t interfere with his character. The actor who portrays him also seems so invested in making the character worthy of the impressive LU product, it’s hard not to get sucked in. The character of Temple proprietor Dario Cueto is multi-faceted and deep, so you never know what he will do or say next – or whose head will roll. And with a boss like that, who needs enemies?” – Lady J

“Dario is the most consistent character in wrestling. He has heel tendencies, but more than anything else, he’s motivated by the thrill violence brings. No matter what, that’s what drives him. And that makes his character, and Lucha Underground as a whole, work.” – Aaron Oster

“As long as El Jefe is around, I can’t see how anyone can beat him in this category. When he’s not present inside of The Temple, it’s very noticeable and that’s a credit to just how valuable he is. Also, I really want to share how much I absolutely love Renee Young and Daniel Bryan and the dynamic they bring to Smackdown Live with their Talking Smack after show. They add so much to the show and help put over the talent in a major way while doing so. They get a big honorable mention from me.” – Dave Reno

Runner Up: Renee Young

“It’s hard for me to not vote for Paul Heyman in any category that Paul Heyman is listed as an option in, but I can’t deny how great of a year Renee Young has had at WWE. While a lot of people skip the pre-shows, if you end up forgetting what time the PPV is and happen onto the WWE Network early, they’re actually pretty enjoyable. I don’t think it has anything to do with Booker T, but instead it’s the great work that Renee Young does in reacting and running a show in that style. The same can also be said for Talking Smack. I also wish they would extend Unfiltered on the WWE Network into a good 30-60 minute show. Right now the episodes are about 15 minutes a piece, but think this could really take off as an awesome interview behind the characters.” – Chris Langevin

“I dig her. She is a funny, goofy fan of the sport, and I find her entertaining as all get out. Glad she’s on Total Divas now, it provides an insight into her personal life, and you get a sense for how cool she is. Heyman is a monster on the mic but this just wasn’t his year. People won’t forget about Minneapolis. ;)” – Dan Rose

Honorable Mention: Daniel Bryan

“With the sad news of Daniel’s Bryan’s retirement, we didn’t know when we were going to see him in WWE again. Then the great news of the brand splits brought Smackdown an awesome GM. He goes to bat for the talent that he believes in and brings the shoot style banter to Stephanie and Mick Foley. I would be silly, not to bring up, his amazing commentary for the Cruiserweight Classic this summer. The dynamic duo of Daniel Bryan and Mauro Ranallo brought back the color commentary nostalgia of the 80’s and 90’s that many fans missed.” – Canadace Kidd

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