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2016 PW Awards

2016 PW Awards: Best Television Announcer



Winner: Mauro Ranallo

“Nothing brings a Big Fight Feel like a Big Fight Voice – and that’s precisely what Mauro Ranallo has. With experience doing commentary for MMA and boxing, Ranallo knows how to draw in his audience and use his unique voice to heighten the emotion of the event. He got his start in pro-wrestling when he was 16, so he knows the name of every move (and possibly every wrestler) so don’t worry about calling the action, Ranallo’s got you covered. If you want to see what all the hype is about, check out the very first episode of this summer’s Cruiserweight Classic on the WWE network and try NOT to pop for him and Daniel Bryan shouting “shooting star press” in unison, I dare you.” – Lady J

“Earlier in the year, this was a complete runaway. I remember doing a mock RAW/Smackdown draft and making a compelling argument why Mauro Ranallo could be a top 5 pick. I do think that he’s taken a bit of a step back in the past few months, with the over-reliance on one-liners, but he’s still leaps and bounds better than anyone else on television. He’s one of the few PBP guys in the business right now who can make a match feel bigger because of his presence.” – Aaron Oster

“As a MMA fan, listening to Mauro sprinkle in homages to pro wrestling for over a decade during his PRIDE and Strikeforce calls, it was hard not to get excited when news broke of him getting signed to WWE. Hearing his work alongside Josh Barnett for NJPW on AXS TV, I feel like WWE could no longer deny him. He’s just too damn good at what he does. He’s bringing us something that has been missing on WWE programming since Jim Ross left. Also, say all you want about Michael Cole, he’s allegedly the man responsible for getting Mauro to the promise land. So how about this, thank you Cole for bringing along the best WWE commentator since Jim Ross to the party. And thank you Mauro, for continuing to be you. Your work on SmackDown Live and the CWC has been second to none and it’s one of the many reasons why 2016 was such a great year for professional wrestling.” – Dave Reno

“One of the best announcers in sports. He brings a completely fresh dynamic to the product.” – Jim LaMotta

“Mauro brings a Gordon Solie, Gorilla Monsoon feel to the announce booth that people have been starving for since Jim Ross left. He is a wrestling encyclopedia and the passion for the business oozes off of him. He’s going to be around for years to come.” – Candace Kidd

“This really isn’t a question, right? Corey Graves gets a nice honorable mention from me, but in terms of what is brought to a program every week, no one can match what Mauro Ranallo brings. He is the consummate professional, his work on the Cruiserweight Classic beside Daniel Bryan is unparalleled, and he brings a big fight feel to every Smackdown Live. I think he is a big reason why they are winning the brand split at this time.” – Chris Langevin

Runner Up: Corey Graves

“While his attempt to sound like Jesse Ventura and/or Bobby Heenan can be at times be grating, he is still one of the most entertaining and intelligent voices out there. He also says the least amount of stuff that makes me want to tweet out “Shut up, so and so”.” – Reid Harris Cooper

“The only bright spot as far the Monday Night RAW announce team goes since the brand split is Corey Graves. With his mic work and his look – I feel like this is a guy who would’ve been a star inside of the ring if his career wasn’t cut short due to concussion issues. Luckily for everyone, his health was persevered and his voice will become a staple on WWE programming for years to come. With Lawler out and Graves in, it’s a sign that WWE is going young. And they’ve uncovered a gem in Corey Graves as a heel announcer.” – Dave Reno

“Corey Graves, because he does an excellent job of making me want to die when he speaks, which is his job.” – Mira Waters

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