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2016 PW Awards

2016 PW Awards: Faction of the Year



Winners: Bullet Club

“It’s hard to believe that they’ve only been around since 2013. Since then, we’ve seen Prince Devitt (Finn Balor), Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows and most notably AJ Styles leave the faction to become stars in WWE. When Styles left at the beginning of this year, the Bullet Club reached new heights under the leadership of Kenny Omega. As ‘The Elite’ of the Bullet Club, Omega and The Young Bucks gave us a behind the scenes look on their YouTube page that made us feel like part of the group at times. On the ROH side of things, Adam Cole joined the group this year to only help bolster the international stronghold of the squad. Also, gaining the services of Cody Rhodes as we head in 2017 can’t be a bad thing either. Once again, it was the Bullet Club’s year. That said, LIJ wasn’t that far behind.” – Dave Reno

Runners Up: Los Ingobernables de Japon

“With Naito becoming champ for a time and EVIL and Bushi upping their game the group really stood out. It was adding Sanada in April that brought them over the edge from kick ass trio to stable that can’t be denied. The extra addition of Takahashi in December that makes me feel that in the end of the history of NJPW, Los Ingobernables might stand above Bullet Club, CHAOS, Suzuki Gun or even Voodoo Murders.” – Reid Harris Cooper

“This was a down year for stables overall. Yes, Bullet Club got bigger, but did it get better? WWE had some trios, but it’s hard to truly consider a trio a stable, particularly if you only hang out in the tag division. LIJ injected life into multiple wrestlers, and the story around the stable was the most compelling of any group in wrestling in 2016.” – Aaron Oster

3rd Place: Decay

“These three truly became a voice that I wish didn’t become overshadowed by The Hardy clan. Abyss finally found himself removing the mask and not only when playing his own brother or whatever that storyline was. Becoming “beautiful” has made him more fearsome than ever. The really story here was Crazzy Steve though. Once allowed to break out of being a silent crazy person he truly grew into one of the best psycho heels with impeccable mic skills, a brilliant look and stellar skills. Coupled with Rosemary this trio has seriously become a reason to watch IMPACT and at times the ONLY reason to.” – Reid Harris Cooper

Honorable Mention: Worldwide Underground

“The whole point of a faction is having one another’s backs, and that’s exactly what the Worldwide Underground does – they’re always trying to help one another achieve their dastardly goals. WWU is a group of the heel-est heels on LU, and they utilize being part of a faction to overcome their opponents, even when it’s not necessary. Not only are they a great team (have won the LU Trios titles) it also seems unbelievable that no one considered putting Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, & Jack Evans together as a team before. If Bill & Ted were jerks and wrestlers, they would be in the Worldwide Underground. Add the talented and devious Taya to the group and you have trouble brewing for anyone who crosses their path. Please, LU, don’t break these four up yet – I’m not ready to stop hating them yet!” – Lady J

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