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2016 PW Awards

2016 PW Awards: Feud of the Year



Winner: Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks

“While playing hot potato with the RAW Women’s Championship is not something that entices me to watch the WWE product, I have to give credit to Sasha Banks & Charlotte because they have put on a series of matches since the summer that is setting the bar for women’s wrestling. Not only is the company they work for giving them ways to intensify their feud by including increasingly dangerous stipulation matches, but it builds up the title itself to see the fire these women have in their quest to obtain it. As they pass the white belt back and forth between them, it sets a new standard in the division – it’s not a runaway on who is “the best”, which means it can be anybody’s game. If Sasha’s most beloved feud from her NXT days is any indicator, these two ladies are going to be joined in the title picture by a certain side-ponytail wearing hugger very, very soon.” – Lady J

“I was often tired of Creative’s complete lack of interest in the women’s division as a whole, or in really writing this and giving it the attention they’ve given feuds in the past, but the ring psychology that these two created was unrelenting and even if I was annoyed at seeing Meaningless Promo Part V, they always made me believe that the stakes were real.” – Mira Waters

“Last year, Sasha Banks and Bayley won ‘Feud of the Year’ honors at the 2015 Fight Booth PW Awards. This year, Banks and Charlotte Flair take home the honors. Is it just us or does ‘The Boss’ bring out the best in her opponents?” – Dave Reno

Runner Up: John Cena vs. AJ Styles

“This felt like a “why has it taken you so long to get here” kind of moments for me. For years, as fans of AJ, we have wanted to see him in the WWE. We do it with every great talent, we sit there and wonder “what if…” regarding a trip to WWE. We’ve done it with the Young Bucks, we’ve done it with Finn, we’ve done it with Samoa Joe, and we have SURELY done it with AJ Styles. Now that he finally arrived, we had some great moments and some good matches… but the feud with Cena got him to the next level with fans and really validated, yes, he belongs in the WWE. Their match at Summerslam was GOLD.” – Chris Langevin

Honorable Mention: The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

You could say that Miz/Ziggler was feud of the year, but really, that feud was just a small branch of this bigger one. It’s fascinating to see the Authority/wrestler feud done from the other side, with the Authority figure being a face. There are aspects that haven’t worked, and Daniel Bryan hasn’t been the best authority figure, but it has been compelling for four months now. How many feuds can say that? – Aaron Oster

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