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2016 PW Awards

2016 PW Awards: Heel of the Year



Winner: Kevin Owens

“If you can make a little kid cry, have the mother go on an angry rant, and not get fired in the current WWE climate and then brag about how much you loved doing that, then you are heel of the year.” – Canadace Kidd

“This one is tough. AJ Styles is the best wrestler, but I just don’t see him as over as a heel as much as Owens. Jericho is a great heel too, but he makes us laugh too much. The Miz will likely top this list for me in 2017, but for now, Kevin Owens is unlikable week in and week out.” – Dan Rose

Runner Up: Chris Jericho

“The list. Stupid Idiot. Drink it in. Best Friends. You know what happens? Ask him! WE are the Universal Champion.” – Matt Addie

“GREATEST HEEL OF ALL TIME, Y’ALL. If you don’t agree, then YOU JUST MADE THE LIST.” – Alex Reno

3rd Place: The Miz

“I’m honestly a bit disappointed that The Miz didn’t get more votes here. Sure, Jericho and Owens were great, don’t get me wrong, but when it comes to getting true heel heat, there was no one better than The Miz this year. With Maryse by his side it’s almost like it’s brought the best out of him as a performer. When The Miz main evented WrestleMania 27 it was seen as a joke. It was seen as the dark ages for WWE. This version of The Miz, with Maryse by his side, could main event any future WrestleMania opposite a truly over babyface adversary.” – Dave Reno

“He is in the top-tier of WWE, period. With Maryse by his side, 2016 might be The Miz’s finest work as a professional wrestler. He deserves to be in the hunt for the company’s top titles very soon.” – Matt Addie

Honorable Mention: Kenny Omega

“I have a very hard time thinking of a bigger heel moment in 2016, than Kenny Omega cutting a promo from atop a metal ladder with Hiroshi Tanahashi trapped underneath. Omega’s road to success in 2016 was paved with the fan-favorites he defeated in MOTYC after MOTYC, including Tanahashi, Michael Elgin, Tetsuya Naito, and Hirooki Goto.” – Micheal Chadder

Honorable Mention #2: Roman Reigns

“Most Despised Wrestler of All Time loses title in fake-underdog story at Royal Rumble to kick off 2016. Pouty pretty-boy chases Boss/Ex-Hero of the Frat-boy Degenerate Attitude Era Fanbase to Wrestlemania 32 where he reclaims his championship to the dismay of half the viewers. Third-time champ enters into feud with Phenomenal Indie Darling for a series of MOTY candidates before being attacked by faux-babyface ex-brother returning from injury, and subsequently having his title taken from him by actual-babyface Lunatic ex-brother. Title-less Not-Heel is suspended for one month for wellness policy violation before returning to insult someone’s wife and make off with the US Title. Roman Reigns, ladies & gentlemen.” – Lady J

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