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2016 PW Awards

2016 PW Awards: Most Improved Wrestler



Winner: Alexa Bliss

“There’s a genuine difference in wrestling that people often overlook: just because a wrestler wasn’t being given the opportunity to showcase their abilities before doesn’t mean they “improved”. For me, the individual who is genuinely putting on a better quality of match than they previously had is Alexa Bliss. Alexa came to the main roster with a great character and solid mic skills, but had left those of us who were Blissful in NXT wondering if her in-ring skills were going to be up to snuff enough to hang with the likes of Becky Lynch. Months after the WWE main roster draft, Alexa is now a deserving champion, having improved leaps and bounds in her technical ability, and finding new things to bring to her character every time we see her.” – Lady J

“You could argue that the brand split helped Alexa Bliss more than anyone. I mean, who expected her to even be in the conversation for a WWE title let alone be a champion by the end of 2016. She’s improved a ton as far as her in ring game goes and her mic and character work has been a welcome revelation.” – Dave Reno

Runner Up: Killshot

“I’m not completely caught up with LU, but Killshot gets my vote here. I completely hate the “former military sniper dude” gimmick, but if we’re talking purely about wrestling, this man really made a name for himself. He is one of those awesome luchadors that you never would have thought was actually a luchador without his mask on.” – Alex Reno

“I mean, this one isn’t easy. The list of nominees all had big years, but I am not sure who improved the most. I’m going with Killshot here, but it’s close.” – Dan Rose

Honorable Mention: Matthew Riddle

“This one will be a bit controversial, simply because he’s so new that it’s hard to say what he improved from. But that’s just the thing, to go from a true rookie in 2015 to what he is now is an outrageous jump, no matter what level you think he broke in at.” – Aaron Oster

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