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2016 PW Awards

2016 PW Awards: Ring Announcer of the Year



Winner: Melissa Santos (Lucha Underground)

“Being a ring announcer is never an easy job. These individuals must toe the line between the storylines and the facts, interacting with the talent but also giving the audience the details they need on the performers and the stipulation of the match. Another duty on the shoulders of a solid ring announcer is a connection with the crowd. If you’re looking for all of these rolled up into one ball of class and sass, look no further than Lucha Underground’s Melissa Santos. She brings her own flavor of announcing to each wrestler’s introduction and interacts with even the most deplorable of characters with ease (looking at you, Marty the Moth). And when someone gets out of line, look out. Melissa is not standing for any nonsense. But when it comes to the Believers inside LU’s Temple, there is hardly a character more beloved than the lovely Melissa Santos.” – Lady J

“One of my favorite reasons to tune in to the El Rey Network is the work that Melissa Santos has done with LU. She gets me super pumped for every match and is different enough from the ring announcers we’ve all been used to, that it adds to the entire ‘different’ feel that LU provides us week in and week out.” –  Chris Langevin

“Really? This is a category? Umm….ok. I’ll go with Santos in a category I literally give zero s**ts about. 🙂 What’s next? Best ring crew guy? Best Makeup artist?” – Dan Rose 

“When Melissa Santos announces Brian Cage from the “559,” it’s one of the coolest things in pro wrestling. She’s going to get a mega pop from me every single time. How many ring announcers today actually show parts of their personality like that, how many actually show any personality whatsoever? Her energy is contagious and it adds so much to an already phenomenal weekly program. It’s something that I hope to see catch on with future ring announcers. If not, we may just end up calling this the ‘Melissa Santos Award’ 5 years from now. ” – Dave Reno

Runner Up: Vlad Radinov, The Party Tsar (CHIKARA)

“I’m giving this to Vlad simply because he’s taken such a leap forward in 2016.” – Aaron Oster

3rd Place: JoJo (WWE)

“JoJo, the undisputed future.” – Mira Waters

Honorable Mention: Brandi Rhodes (WWE, Cody Rhodes’ personal ring announcer)

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