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2016 PW Awards

2016 PW Awards: Tag Team of the Year



We begin our Fight Booth PW tradition of handing out some year-end hardware by picking our top tag team of the calendar year. There were only three teams that drew attention from our panel this year in what turned out to be one of the closest races on the ballot. Check out the results below and feel free to sound off with your thoughts in our comments section or hit us up @Wrestling Desk

Winners: The Revival

“I watched a podcast in which my friend Dea (@ourladyjustice) on Twitter) made the excellent, true, & most important point about The Revival: they are in every other tag team’s best match. If you need to have your match of the year, just wrestle the Revival, they’re happy to pull your best possible work out of you. I would even go so far as to say they are like the tag team version of The Miz – if you’re a team that needs to get over in NXT, they are your go-to opponent. I can’t wait to get them up on the main roster so they can run over everyone and get themselves some new belts.” –Lady J

“Without any pyros, high-flying aerial finishers or fancy dance moves, The Revival have brought back my love for tag team wrestling. The chemistry that Dawson and Dash have is unmatched and that old school, hard-nosed, brawler and psychology based wrestling is something that has truly been lacking in pro wrestling. These two are real students of the tag team game. They have the art of storytelling down to a T. Mark my words, The Revival are future Hall of Famers.” – Canadace Kidd

“I know it makes sense that it should be the team that just broke the WWE record for longest running champions, but for me, the best team in world is The Revival. I think they’re both great wrestlers, and together they are even better. I think they’ll do awesome in the WWE and quickly reach heights higher than American Alpha, The Club and others have. It was also a great year for Enzo and Cass and year in and year out, The Briscoes entertain as well.” – Dan Rose

“This is a two-horse race between The Revival and The Young Bucks. If you vote for either, you aren’t wrong. I vote for The Revival simply because of what they meant to NXT and the NXT tag division. They basically stole the show at every Takeover, and just the idea that the old-school tag tactics can work brought a real freshness to the tag team scene.” – Aaron Oster

Runners Up: The New Day

“At this point, they are in lifetime achievement award status, but they’re still going strong. They now hold the record for the longest tag team title reign in WWE history, and that only scratches the surface. They power through things that don’t work, they’re great in and out of ring, and they continue to evolve within their characters.” – Matt Addie

#blackexcellence, not to mention the best improvisors we’ve ever had, single handedly digging themselves out of a racist gimmick and being the only thing in the world that could keep any semblance of a tag division in tact.” – Mira Waters

“When you’re that over and sell that amount of merchandise, it’s no contest.” – Jim LaMotta

3rd Place: The Young Bucks

“I lost track of how many titles they won and in how many different promotions they won them in. All I know is that Matt and Nick Jackson continue to put on quality match after quality match all over the world and they just don’t seem to take any days off. Luckily for their fans, The Bucks recently signed a two-year deal that will keep them in ROH, NJPW and whatever other promotions they want to wrestle for that the two aforementioned promotions will allow them to. They’ll also be given more creative freedom as far as storylines go, hence ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy showing up at this year’s ‘Final Battle’ to call out the Bucks and The Briscoes. 2016 was a monumental year for the greatest tag team on the planet. 2017 has the potential to be even better.” – Dave Reno

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